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Beckington and Mells

Church Schools Federation

“The best we can be”


Welcome to Beckington and Mells Church School Federation.


I am proud to welcome you to the Beckington and Mells Church School Federation.  Our vision is to create a safe, caring and aspirational learning community, inspired by our Christian values, where we thrive through challenge, fun, friendship and belonging, to be the best we can be.


Our two schools, Beckington Church of England First School and Mells Church of England First School, federated in September 2019, having shared an excellent informal partnership since I became Executive Headteacher for both schools in 2016, prior to which I was Headteacher of Beckington First School.


Our schools are based on two separate sites but share common values.  Both are small, nurturing church schools for children aged four through to age nine.  We value learning through play and having fun in a natural environment. 


We encourage our children to question, explore, research and enjoy learning and we have three simple school rules; kind hands, kind feet, kind words. 


Our website provides a window into the everyday life of school and is designed to be a resource for parents and prospective parents, but please come and see us if you have any questions unanswered.  We welcome the opportunity to show you around!


Claire Chantler

Executive Headteacher