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Design technology

The teaching of design and technology raises conscious awareness of the process of planning, making and evaluating as a cyclical process. Opportunities are provided for the children to learn to meet a need and create for a purpose.  Children will broaden their designing experiences, learning about materials and how to use different equipment to enhance their making skills. Children will develop their knowledge of subject specific vocabulary, simple mechanisms, structures and existing products.


Our aim is to develop children’s knowledge and understanding of design technology and apply learned skills to their own work. We have an annual STEAM week where design and technology projects can be blocked. Teachers follow guidelines to ensure the progression of skills is taught year on year.  An awareness of health and safety is taught throughout, with special emphasis given to new skills and tools.

Each unit will always include:

  • investigative and evaluative activities
  • focused practical tasks
  • designing and making



We provide all pupils and staff with the ICT skills and capability that will lay the foundation for life-long learning, including the ability to write simple programs and stay safe online.

We aim to keep pace with educational developments in ICT and have a commitment to change and the effective management of that change.

We teach computing in three strands:

  • To encourage computational thinking to predict and explain how simple algorithms work. including creating programs
  • To use a variety of software to design and create digital content
  • To stay safe online


We use a variety of different programs to teach programming, including the free program ‘Scratch’, which children can use at home. We have a school set of iPads which we use for creating content as well as for research and across the curriculum. In each school we have computer room / media hub which contain desktop computers. These are used most mornings for intervention work and each class can use this room on a rota basis. 


We rigorously promote e-safety and celebrate ‘Safer Internet Day’ annually. For more on e-safety visit our e-safety page