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Star of the Week / Achievement Awards

Our stars of the Week are:

RAGSTONE    Daisy – Excellent Amethyst (listening skills) all week

BASALT          The whole class  - for showing great Ruby power by being kind and conscientious on our trip. 

YEAR 3          Rosie – for being confident towards her learning

YEAR 4          Edwin – for being brave with new experiences and explaining his maths workings well

Congratulations to our children who have recently won awards:  



Head Teachers Awards - During July

Sophie, Luca, Willow, Isabeau, Gracie, Felix, Ella, Phoebe, Sebastian, Lena, Jacob, Darcy, Evie, Wynter-Rose, Mia, harry, Seth, Olive


Head Teachers Awards - During June

Oscar P, Luca, Maizey, Sylvie, Beau, Wynter- Rose, Harvey, Mia, Olive, Jacob, Ivy, Jessica, Daisy, Phoebe


Head Teachers Awards - During May

Luca, Lauren, Ella, Magnus, Reggie, Beau, Eli, Abi, Lena, Beau, Alfie L , Edwin, Miles, Bonnie, Robyn, Isabeau, Magnus


Head Teachers Awards - During April

Beau, Harry, Julius, Evie, Daisy, jessica, Seth, Ivy, Santia, Wynter-Rose, Sophie, Max, Mia , Sebastian, Jacob


Head Teachers Awards - During March

Abbie, Bella, Edison, Hunter, Oscar R, Noah, Beau, Ella S, Rosie, Edwin, Alfie L, Olive, Daisy, Harvey, Seth, Wynter-Rose, Evie, Sebastian, Isabeau, Miles, Freddie, Luca, Mila, Neveah, Willow, Gracie


Head Teachers Awards - During Keyworker school

Phoebe, Harvey, Rory,