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Star of the Week / Achievement Awards

Our stars of the Week are:

Ragstone: Evalyn – showing me brilliant Sapphire and Diamond power during our story writing.

Year 1:   Jessica – Great Ruby power in being kind and helpful

Year 2:   The Whole Year 2 – for working so well with their special Year 2 work over the last 2 weeks

Year 3:   Sylvie – For her motivated approach to her learning and in Maths

Year 4:  Jamie – for his amazing achievement in Cross-country and for showing Topaz power


Congratulations to our children who have recently won awards:  


Head Teachers Awards - During March

Ivy, Lyra, Evalyn, Eva, Freddie, Harry, Darcey, Phoebe, Harvey, Gracie


Head Teachers Awards - During February

Morgan, Bella, Magnus, Bea, Harriet, Ella, Sybil, Bella, Sophie, Santia, Abi


Head Teachers Awards - During January

Abi, Harry, Eva, Leo, Alfie, Jamie, Edison, Neveah, Nina, Myla, Erin, Jago, Daisy, Teddy, Evie, Seth, Lena, Miles, Ella, Magnus, Felix T, Felix C,Bella, Maizey, Amelie, Oscar R, Rosie, Bea, Morgan, Rory, Gracie, Mila, Ella S,Luca, Santia, Phoebe, Alfie, Evalyn, Ocean, Eva, Danny, Leo, Toby, Freddie,Lya


Head Teachers Awards - During December

Imogen, Leo, Ocean, Darcey, Oscar R, Harvey, Evalyn, Phoebe, Danny, Abi, Julius, Lena, Erin, Jago, Neveah, Freddie, Nina, Eva, Ivy, Toby, 


Head Teachers Awards - During November

Luca, Sophie, Alfie, Evalyn, Phoebe, Darcey, Harry, Lyra, Freddie, Eva, Rosie, Sybil, Mila, Ella, Felix, Bonnie, Arthur, Noah, Miles, Magnus, Eli, Jamie, Bella, Esme, Amelie, Edison, Bea, Gracie, Jago, Oscar P, Toby, Darcey, Ivy, Rory, Maizey.


Head Teachers Awards - During October

Bea, Noah, Lena, Imoge, Lyra, Toby, Phoebe, Darcey, Harvey, Harry


Head Teachers Awards - During September

Oscar P, Arthur, Morgan, Jamie, Amelie, Sybil, Eli, ella, Harriet, Magnus, Sylvie, Gracie, Noah, Jao, Maizey, Lena, Isabeau, Neveah, Willow, Luca, Olive, Robyn, Ocean, Leo, Ivy, Lyra, Freddie 


Head Teachers Awards - During July

Sophie, Luca, Willow, Isabeau, Gracie, Felix, Ella, Phoebe, Sebastian, Lena, Jacob, Darcy, Evie, Wynter-Rose, Mia, harry, Seth, Olive, Max, Mila, Chloe, Bea, Bella, Reggie and Oscar R


Head Teachers Awards - During June

Oscar P, Luca, Maizey, Sylvie, Beau, Wynter- Rose, Harvey, Mia, Olive, Jacob, Ivy, Jessica, Daisy, Phoebe


Head Teachers Awards - During May

Luca, Lauren, Ella, Magnus, Reggie, Beau, Eli, Abi, Lena, Beau, Alfie L , Edwin, Miles, Bonnie, Robyn, Isabeau, Magnus


Head Teachers Awards - During April

Beau, Harry, Julius, Evie, Daisy, jessica, Seth, Ivy, Santia, Wynter-Rose, Sophie, Max, Mia , Sebastian, Jacob


Head Teachers Awards - During March

Abbie, Bella, Edison, Hunter, Oscar R, Noah, Beau, Ella S, Rosie, Edwin, Alfie L, Olive, Daisy, Harvey, Seth, Wynter-Rose, Evie, Sebastian, Isabeau, Miles, Freddie, Luca, Mila, Neveah, Willow, Gracie


Head Teachers Awards - During Keyworker school

Phoebe, Harvey, Rory,