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At Beckington and Mells, Science is seen as an exciting, awe-inspiring subject which ultimately sets out to sustain pupils’ natural curiosity about the world they live in. Therefore, scientific enquiry is at the heart of our science teaching where children are given lots of opportunities to ask questions about the world around them, supported by hands on practical activities. We believe that children learn best when they are outdoors, so whenever possible, we will use the outdoor classroom as a stimulus for learning.


Through our new, STEAM based curriculum, we aim to provide children with a rich variety of science topics with the scientific knowledge and investigative skills embedded throughout, whilst at the same time, making strong links to other areas of the curriculum, for example: Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths and English. This ensures full coverage of the science National Curriculum but also enables pupils to make links to real life experiences and allows a greater depth of understanding and enjoyment of the subject.


Within each Key stage, children will be taught a rotation of science topics. In KS1, the science topics will be taught over a 3 Year rolling programme and in KS2, the topics will be taught over a 2 Year rolling programme. This is to ensure curriculum coverage across both schools due to mixed aged classes and also progression of knowledge and skills.