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Mells School Council


Here is our school school council at Mells. The school council is made up of three children from Basalt (Isabeau, Erin and Willow) and three children from Wenlock class (Bea, Ella & Mila). The meetings are still chaired by Mr Shipway (Ragstone Teacher). In our latest meeting we talked about how we could raise money for a charity by having a 'Sports Activity Day'.

School Council is a group of children who are elected from year 1-4.  If you want to be part of this group, you have to prepare a talk to the class about why you think you would be good. 


You might want to be on School Council if:

  • you are a good listener
  • you like sharing ideas
  • you want to make the school an even better place
  • you enjoy being helpful
  • you are kind
  • you are confident or want to be more confident
  • you enjoy discussing ideas with other children and adults