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Mells School VE Day

VE DAY - 75 Year Celebrations


Lots of the children have taken part in activities and events celebrating VE Day. They have had afternoon teas, made bunting, dressed up in 1940s clothes and had a go at making food from the 1940s. 

Congratulations to Teddy, Bea and Lilly our winners.

Thank you for all the teacup entries. Winners will be announced soon.

Sylvie dressed up, enjoyed a tea party in the garden, made a shelter and danced to 1940's music.

Ella and Chloe have been making bunting, skipping, hula hooping, and finding out about relatives who served in the war, Ella has even written a poem.

Isla and Isobel have been making scones, preparing afternoon tea and having a tea party in their garden. Isla has also been finding out all about her older relatives and is making a powerpoint using this information.

Sybil and Wyn learnt all about rationing and made their own shop in the garden.

Reggie and Jago built a Morrison shelter, baked and learnt all about the past with their Granny.

Miles and his family dressed up and went hunting for teddy bears.

Jago cracked the code, baked and enjoyed afternoon tea.

Alfie and Archie made a bunker/shelter with their big brother Nicholas... whenever he played the air raid siren they both had to run into their shelter! Also the boys pretended to be evacuees and learned that they would only have been allowed to pack certain things. Alfie and Archie thought about what they would pack if they were evacuated. Alfie's is the first picture and Archie's is the second one. 

Alfie and Archie enjoyed their VE day celebrations.

Oscar baked, enjoyed afternoon tea and proudly flew the Union Jack

Noah made cakes, learnt about rations and enjoyed afternoon tea with his mum.

Beau and Luca had lots of fun.

Lilly, Rosie and Willow made a cake and celebrated with their neighbours.

Robyn and Jamie celebrating VE Day, dressing up, making bunting and cooking

Amelie and Alfie made bunting and enjoyed afternoon tea to celebrate.

Bea and Ivy dressed up and enjoyed afternoon tea. Great victory rolls girls!

Mrs P-B and her boys dressed up, listened to 1940's music and enjoyed a picnic tea in the garden.

Edison celebrated with a bike ride, a picnic and an embarrassing dad moment. He also made a celebration cake all by himself.

Bella celebrated with a special breakfast.

Eli made bunting, had a picnic in his garden and played with an old fashioned car,

Teddy and Cecily celebrating VE Day. They dressed up, baked, had a picnic tea in the garden, played games, and imagined life as a child back then.

Abbie all dressed up as an evacuee for VE Day