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Head teacher weekly blog:

Christmas is beginning to be mentioned more and more!  We have started rehearsals for the Christmas film and are gathering/making props and singing songs in our bubbles. 

Both schools shared a Zoom Assembly from Carymoor Environmental Trust on Thursday, which was followed by workshops where the children investigated food waste and issues around recycling.  It was lovely for the children to see classes from both schools on the screen!

Owl Class had a willow lantern workshop today, delivered online.  They are in the process of making willow lanterns that they can take home to hang in the window, rather than being able to take part in the parade in Frome this year.   



Well-being tip for the week: Step into this week with hope. At the start of each day take a moment to think about your hopes for the day ahead - your hopes, hopes for others, hopes for our world. Consider, even before getting up, what things you could do that day to help you move a step closer to realising your own hopes or the hopes of others. Get up, enjoy a day filled with hope, at least a nugget of hope, that you can look forward to.