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Head teacher weekly blog:

This week our Y4 children from both schools had their residential trip to Mill on the Brue.  I feel very proud of the way they embraced the challenges and experiences offered to them, and the way they worked as a team, mixing seamlessly with children from both schools.  This bodes well in terms of their confidence when they leave us at the end of the year.

I am also proud of the way our Y3 children mixed together and enjoyed their day of sport together as well as the arty and creative activities they engaged in at their own schools – there were some lovely exhibits produced!

We had some surprise woolly visitors to Beckington on Friday morning: two 5 day old lambs – thank-you Mrs Higgins.  We look forward to the lambs who are visiting Mells on Tuesday – thanks to Jessica’s mum.

A big thank-you to all the staff who make these experiences possible for our children.


Sir Ken Robinson eloquently described life not as a line across a page rather as a ‘beautiful scribble’, it is not linear it is full of loops and curls.

Very soon there will be celebrations for Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee, 70 years reigning as monarch. Those 70 years have seen many loops and curls, beginning with a particularly unexpected twist, the untimely death of King George VI. Queen Elizabeth is widely held in high regard for the way that she meets such twists and turns, using her own unique wisdom and experience that has grown as the ‘beautiful scribble’ of life is drawn.


Life is complex and unpredictable yet, as human beings, each of us is able to draw on imagination and creativity to overcome challenges. We are able to learn from, and with, one another to build from the past into the future. Just look at how the world has changed in the past 70 years.


Throughout all of the loops and curls of Queen Elizabeth’s reign there has been a constant and consistent thread for her, that of a strong Christian faith.


Heavenly God

Help me to see each day as a fresh page,

an opportunity to learn from the day before,

an opportunity to make changes or to build on what went well,

an opportunity to be a version of myself, better than the day before;

an opportunity to be creative and imaginative,

an opportunity to show kindness and care,

an opportunity to learn, to refresh, to flourish.

Heavenly God, thank you.



Well-being tip for the week: This week why not consciously take a quiet few minutes to reflect on the day? Identify something that has gone well, something what not so well. Treat each of these as learning experiences and consider what is the learning, and the response to that learning, that will make a positive difference to tomorrow. At the start of the next day refresh those thoughts and apply your learning as the day unfolds.

If it helps, draw you day as simple loops, curls, scribbles - what does it look like as you recount the story of your day? Try it with a friend or as a group and learn when are the high points, the tough moments, the smooth and the rough parts of the day, what can you do to learn, understand and support each other?