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Head teacher weekly blog:

Following the successful Y4 trip to Mill on the Brue last week, where all our children impressed us with their willingness to give new things a go and have fun, and also the fun our Y3 children had on their Outdoor Day, we have continued our outdoor theme this week.  We have been focusing on well-being and Ian Groves has been busy organising fun sporting activities - Ragstone Class had a fun sports session and Owl Class had their football tournament.  Sport is a fantastic tool for encouraging friendships and team work as well as being an essential part of children's healthy life styles.  There are a couple of surveys we will be exploring with the children over the next couple of weeks: one from the DfE called The Big Ask and one from Somerset, their annual well-being survey for Y2 and Y4.  These will help us gauge how the children are feeling at the moment.  Getting back into school routines certainly seems to have had a positive impact on how settled they are.


This school week started on Star Wars day!  Many of you may have memories of the first Star Wars film you watched, which may have been a special trip to the cinema.  Even though, and in particular recently, we have films streamed to the comfort of our homes there is still something unique about a trip to the cinema and being absorbed in the occasion, in the film. If you allow your mind to wander back in time what films or cinema visits might you recall?


40 years later Star Wars films still have a huge following and May 4th has become known as Star Wars day, reflecting the influence of this franchise. Schools have been going a great deal longer than Star Wars and have their origins in being a real force for good. Church Schools emerged from the original ‘Sunday Schools’ (the only day in a week when many children were not expected to work and there was some time to help them learn to read, write and count). The Church of England’s current vision for education is rooted in the inclusivity of its foundation, we are not exclusive ‘faith’ schools, we are here for all children. In a real force for good the vision centres on hope and aspiration, as well as wisdom, community and dignity.

Even before our schools Jesus was teaching and modelling the importance of inclusion, of justice, of opportunity for all, including children. In the Bible we are reminded to ‘Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.’ What a great summary of how to be a force for good and a great reassurance that we don’t walk alone, however challenging the path may seem. If your life was a film what forces for good would be reflected, who or what has influenced you for good? Thank you that, through your work with schools, through your parishes, through your friendships and through your family you are being a force for good, for justice, mercy and humility; a force for hope and aspiration, wisdom, community, dignity. We have so much opportunity to make a positive difference and we do not walk alone. May the force be with you as you walk humbly into this week and the future.


Dear God

Thank you that I can be a force for good.

Thank you that I do not walk alone.