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This is a page to celebrate the children's activities!

Doodle Year Group Champions!

Week commencing 30th June.

Doodle Maths: Ragstone

Doodle English: Year 2 

Doodle Spelling: Ragstone


Well done everyone.

Ella and Chloe have made their own superhero masks and cuffs. Ella has also been completing a planets puzzle which is one of her favourite subjects. Good job girls!

Eli has been working hard over the past week creating a covid time capsule and keep sake with his family. 

Bella has been working hard this week. She has painted rocks to add to the snakes outside of school and beavers, has been on some day trips with her family. She has also been on a history walk around Frome where she learnt about the Singer family and some of the important buildings in the town.

Amongst lots of other learning, Wyn has made his own fishing rod and had a very successfully cray fishing trip with it. Well done Wyn!

Basalt Bubble have been on a welly walk to see the quarry. We did a litter pick and collected sticks and pine cones for forest school. We have loved playing with the bubbles too.

The children in Wenlock Bubble have been creating boats out of natural and recyclable materials as part of their Forest School experience this week.

Oscar has been busy at home over the past few weeks. He has been building Dens with his brother to celebrate Den day, helping to rear ducklings, been out identifying trees and also placing bones correctly on a skeleton. He has also been researching and identifying flags, had a trip to Longleat, made a cinema and building in his garden. Oscar also completed a food challenge, where he could only eat green food for a day. 

Jago has been busy this week. He built a den indoors, has started harvesting the lettuce and mint plants that he planted with his family. He has also been carefully cutting bread.

Bella has been busy this week. She has visited Longleat with her family, she has started working through the bingo activities by doing things for her mum at home. She has also completed some science experiments as well as working hard on her English and Maths work.

Alfie has received his Wenlock Snail Mail and started completing some of the different challenges with his flat teachers. So far he has built a den, read to us and his younger sister Amelie, completed some maths online and has been helped by his sister to do a litter pick! Well done Alfie!

Amelie has been busy cooking, building dens, making birthday cards and going on a litter pick.

Edwin has been completing more science experiments by exploring how two balls can't balance in the slip stream. He has also been tackling algebra to problem solve, as well as completing some learning about different types of rocks and how they are formed. Edwin attended our last Class Zoom meeting and has created a lovely piece of art work on clay based on our Back Hat English work. Finally Edwin has been busy in the garden harvesting his first strawberries and rocket leaves.

Eli has been building dens and even spent the night in one.

Bella has been busy completing her English, Maths and Science work this week. She has also been on a treasure hunt, completed some pirate decoding, played Splat the rat with her family and painted a Lego person to go into her garden.

Bea has completed a mini project based on the book Eliot Jones Midnight Superhero.

Reggie and his younger brother Jago have made Superhero Top Trump cards, starring Captain Collaboration and Bin Boys amongst others! They have also be completing some Minecraft addition and subtraction calculations to create different pictures. The adventurous brothers have been on exciting field trip to the Jurassic Coast to look for rocks and fossils, just like the Palaeontologist Mary Anning! After discovering many fossils they brought them home to test their density and permeability! Well Reggie and Jago!

Amelie has been doing some great descriptive writing.

Cecily has completed some lovely writing.

Jack has been really busy during his time learning at home. He has had lots of fun making his own slime! He has also been out and about making a dam, conducting science experiments, sleeping in a tree den, cray fishing and making his very own tin can campfire to toast his marshmallows, yummy!
Alfie has been busy this week researching and learning about different local Bristol landmarks built by Isambarb Kingdom Brunel a local engineer. He has watched videos about the different structures and made fact sheets about them. Alfie has also continued to exercise with Jo Wicks and done some sewing on a sewing machine! He also enjoyed gardening with his sister Amelie at their allotment and going on a lovely bike ride to see the local quarry.

Bella has been busy this week. She has decorated glass vases, been cray fishing with her family and has created some great art work. 

Amelie has been busy this week finding out about landmarks in Bristol that were built by the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel.  She has also been busy, sewing, cycling, helping on the allotment and making a house for her toy sheep out of recycled materials. 

The key worker children at school have been busy creating pieces of art using tin cans tied to a piece of string with paint in. They swung and spun the tin cans to make the art pieces.

Jonathan has been busy still going on walks, completing Maths and English work at home too! He has also been completing the cuddly toy walk around Mells.

Jago has been busy learning all about people who help him. He drew a picture of his Grannie Annie and complete a worksheet. He has also been learning his phonics. Using a hammer to smash the sounds he gets correct, which he really enjoyed!

Bea has been using adjectives to describe the jungle.

Wyn made this stone circle with ‘sun dial’ detail. Inspired by installation artist Carlos Bunga’s exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery titled ‘Something Necessary and Useful‘ in which he uses cardboard to reconstruct spaces in spaces. Also inspired by Richard Long and Stone Henge of course! Here’s Wyn also chopping wood for kindling to make a fire (lit by daddy) for National BBQ day!

Eli has thought of some great adjectives to describe a hero.

The children at school have been busy over the past few days. They have been making raisins dance, bubble painting, making smores, growing rainbows and creating rain clouds in a jar. 

Jago has been busy at home over the last few weeks. He has been growing bean and lettuce plants, fishing and went canoeing down the canal and across the aqueducts at Dundas and Avoncliff. 

Rosie made a bird box.

Willows been busy doing science experiments today, making rainbow crystals and gems and practicing mixing colours. She also made a magic glow up wishing jar

Lilly has made delicious lemon cheese cake and has had great fun creating a classroom for her bears with her sisters Rosie and Willow. 

Sybil created a sculpture of her family. The eggs represent her and her brother and the nest is family and parental love.

The children in school have been busy 'bending straws', making lava lamps, finding out how penguins stay dry and creating art work out using food colouring, salt and glue

Edwin has been very busy baking pretzels and investigating the freezing points of different liquids. He has also be learning about woodland food chains. 

Alfie has been busy out riding his bike, and going for a walk with his family through Asham Woods. He also had great fun on a rope swing during his walk in the woods! He also enjoys doing Joe Wicks in the morning.

Rosie created a lava lamp using oil, water and fizzy tablets.

Eli created a picture to celebrate International Family Day.This is what I think of when I think about family Sun and leaves = walks in the sun Pasta = enjoying meals with my family Pool = splashing with my mummy Enjoying family games Face timing family Lots of love and cuddles

Jago has been practising his days of the week and played played maths bingo with Grannie Annie. The boys also celebrated Florence Nightingales 200th birthday and wrote and completed a virtual quiz for their  grandparents about Florence’s life and work. Jago and Reggie also climbed to the top of a mountain and have enjoyed playing on their new trampoline!

Bella has been busy this week baking banana muffins, planting some plants and also making a canvas picture using buttons.  

Amelie has been busy doing the Joe Wicks work out everyday and also going on a bike ride and long walk with her family. She has also been busy planting runner beans. 

Doodle Year Group Champions!

Week commencing 11th May.

Doodle Maths: Ragstone

Doodle English: Year 2 and Ragstone

Doodle Spelling: Year 3


Well done everyone.

Bea celebrated International Family Day by creating a portrait of her family.

Edison and his family have created a lovely lockdown keepsake.

Ella and Chloe made pizza!

Wyn has been busy at home over the last few weeks writing about stories he has read and writing his own poems and stories.

Chloe has been busy with her phonics at home. In her maths worked she has looked at odd and even numbers. Chloe has also worked on sorting animals and create some time capsule work.

Bonnie has been cycling around Mells searching fort the cuddly toys, which she enjoyed!

Miles enjoyed searching for the cuddly toys around Mells with his family

Ella has been formal letter writing, practising her spellings, and conducting scinece experiments. She has also finished her time capsule and decorated a beautiful box to store it all in.

Alfie and Archie have been helping Dad with a bit more gardening! We now have carrots, cauliflower, swede, sprouts, green beans, potatoes, rhubarb & strawberries. As well as our apple tree, pear tree, black currants and raspberries. The boys are also experimenting with their sun flower growing. They have planted two in the back garden and they have two in pots in the front garden. I wonder which will grow the tallest?

Dixie has been very busy over the last few days finding all the bears around Mells. Dixie had fun and enjoyed searcing for them.

Alfie and Amelie have found all the bears

The children that have been in school today have been busy placing cuddly toys around Mells. There are 25 different cuddly toys all numbered and placed in various different locations around the village - see how many you can find on your next walk

Noah has been busy learning about the human body as part of our Keeping happy, Keeping healthy topic. 

Eli has been practising his photography skills and making bunting for VE day.

Freddie and Harriet have been busy at home completing science experiments using skittles.

Robyn and Jamie completing one of the PE challenges set by Mrs Atkins. Dynamic walking along a line.

Still image for this video

Bea completing one of the PE challenges set by Mrs Atkins. Dynamic walking along a line.

Still image for this video

Brothers Reggie and Jago have been busy this week. Jago has been potato printing and enjoying his daily phonics with Rosie. Reggie has been learning about the Battle of Hastings and used a globe to find Norway and Normandy.


Alfie has been enjoying the White Rose Maths and daily Doodles. He has been helping in the kitchen and has chopped the fruit for dinner. As well as this, he has also done some junk modelling out in the garden in the sunshine.

Alfie has also had challenges sent by Cubs too, one of which is a den building sleep out, which he did on Saturday night. On Friday Alfie and his sister Amelie made a cinema!

Bella has been creative this week. She has made a tissue paper rainbow and friendship bracelets. She has been out for walks and practicing her writing. 

Amelie has been busy this week making smartie cookies and a junk model castle. She celebrated a friends birthday via zoom and has been doing maths using white rose and doodling. 

Doodle Year Group Champions!

Week commencing 27th April.

Doodle Maths: Ragstone

Doodle English: Year 3

Doodle Spelling: Year 2


Well done everyone. 

Sybil camped in her garden and then decided to write about it.

Chloe has been working super hard this week. She has been completing some phonics work, work with number bonds to 10 and subtracting from 10. She has also been learning about monkeys and cats as well as baking, yoga and painting a spring picture

Ella has had a super week doing yoga, making cakes, testing ph levels, learning about chromatography and sewing her own Harry Potter toy.

Alfie and Archie have been cooking and gardening too! What a lovely time outside they have been having!
Edwin has been having fun doing some gardening and science!
Beau has been out and about having fun with his brother Luca!
Alfie and Amelie have been having fun at home!