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The class teachers are Mr Reynolds (Monday) and Mrs Simons (Tuesday - Friday)  and we are helped by Mrs Atkins our school HLTA, Mrs Antell our ELSA and Mrs Elliott our TA throughout the week.


A warm Welcome to Wenlock Class page throughout the year we will be sharing lots of the learning and adventures we have in and around school as we continue on our learning journey, to be the best we can be!


The adults in school have been very busy preparing the learning spaces and planning some exciting activities and learning experiences for you to enjoy.  


We have made a short video to introduce ourselves and to show you around

 Wenlock Classroom.




Welcome To Wenlock Class

Still image for this video


We had an amazing Roman day today planned by our student teachers Miss Whitehouse and Miss Shearn. We embedded and enriched our learning about the Roman Empire through exciting and practical activities throughout the day!

We made Roman shields with a variety of materials including paints and oils pastels.

Once dry we used them to recreate the' turtle formation' the Roman soldiers used to defend themselves and then we had some roleplay time to enjoy being Roman soldiers in the beautiful sunshine!

We also made an edible Roman road using different foods to make the different layers. We had great fun crumbling digestive biscuits to make the first layer of sand and then a mixture of mini marshmallows, raisins, melted chocolate or yogurt, strawberries, rice crispies and banana chips to make the other layers! We put these in the fridge to take home for later.

In the afternoon we were lucky enough to design and then make mosaic coaters to take home. First we created designs on squared paper and then transposed this onto our coasters using the colourful individual tiles.  Look at our fabulous designs!




This week during National Science Week, we have enjoyed and experienced lots of STEAM activities as well  as tasks to support our wellbeing! We began the week by focusing on the arts and creating a class poem about our positive experiences during lockdown. We wrote in rhyming couplets and put all our ideas together in puzzle shapes to create a large puzzle.

We also used our scientific knowledge and had great fun making lava lamps with recycled bottles and ice-cream in plastic food bags with a lot of shaking! We had to work hard for our treat!


Today we made the most of the sunny weather by beginning our scientific leaning about plants by planting sunflower and broad bean seeds. We had great fun creating the correct conditions for our seeds for our seeds and look forward to looking after then and watching them grow.

In the afternoon while the sun was still shining we enjoyed a wellie walk to the woods to look for signs of spring. This was also an opportunity to enhance and support our wellbeing by enjoying our natural surroundings and noticing the beauty around us. This also gave the children an opportunity to socialise and connect with each other after a long time apart. We saw and found many signs of Spring on our walk and had a lovely time exploring!


We continued to extend our scientific learning about plants by identifying their different parts and their functions and in the afternoon we explored our artistic skills and drew plants and flowers from observations. We used pencils and oil pastels to create some amazing results! Here is some of our fabulous art work!


Our learning continued today with some PE to enhance our wellbeing! We also continued our scientific experiences when we planted some cress heads. To enable us to reconnect and give to each other we designed and made friendship braclets out of wool for each other.


Our last day of STEAM week required us to design and create bird feeders from a variety of recycled items such as plastics bottles, milk and fruit juice cartons. We also used lard, pine cones and bird seed to make others. This felt really strange and some of us enjoyed this more than others! We had a great time working collaboratively in teams to create our new designs. We filled them with seed and they will be hung outside our classroom so we will be able to observe how successful are designs are in the coming days and weeks!


In the week leading up to Christmas the children have been enjoying lots of fun and festive activities!

So feast you eyes!

Look at the fun we had at our special birthday party for those children who have had birthdays this term and during our Christmas party!

We have enjoyed wearing our Christmas jumpers!

We enjoyed eating our Christmas lunch and had a very festive time!

We also wrote Advent prayers to think about others less fortunate than ourselves.

We hung these on the Christmas tree in our classroom as we were not able to hang them at St Andrew's church this year.

We have also enjoyed some Christmas baking!

Classic gingerbread.

We had fun watching our school Christmas film 'Tinsel and Tea Towels!'

We set the classroom up like a cinema by sitting on chairs and enjoying popcorn!

We designed and made Rangoli patterns on the playground to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali.

Look at lour amazing symmetrical designs!

To celebrate Children In Need the children in Wenlock Class came dressed in spotty clothes. We made Pudsey book marks and ears and decorated biscuits with icing in a Pudsey design. We also joined Jo Wicks to exercise in the last 20 minutes of his 24 hour exercise challenge! We had an amazing time and raised lots of money for Children In Need!

Yesterday on Remembrance Day Wenlock Class walked to Mells village to observe a minute silence at 11:00am. Some of the children also read Remembrance Day poems that they had written. As well as this the children placed on the memorial the poppies they had made earlier this week.

To enrich our learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot we designed and created our own firework pictures on November 5th Look at our wonderful imaginative designs!

Today we went on a welly walk on a beautiful, crisp, clear day to look for signs of autumn. Armed with many interesting treasures we returned to school inspired to write autumn poems!


Below are the spelling lists for KS1 and KS2. Please remember to practice your current spelling band ready for our weekly spelling test.


As part of our Arts Week we have also been lucky enough to work with a local potter to design clay pieces to create a well being mural based on our experiences of the COVID lockdown.

Another day this week when focussing on noticing and enjoying nature and our surroundings, we enjoyed a woodland walk to look for 'y' shaped branches to make our dream wellbeing tree houses.

Once back in school we planned and then created our tree houses in groups, designing hammocks, bridges, living pods, ropes ladders and much more! Here are some photos of our experiences and tree house creations!

During our first week back at school we have been enjoying the outdoors!

As part of our first Arts Week focused around the five areas of wellbeing (Connecting, New Learning, Being Active, Noticing and Giving) we enjoyed a day of learning new things, including learning how to make a fire. After a treasure hunt during which we learnt to recognise common native leaves and flowers, we enjoyed making and eating 'Smores'!