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Wenlock Class teachers are Mrs Simons and Mr Reynolds, who are supported by Mrs Atkins (HLTA), Mrs Hirons, Mrs Antell and Mrs Elliott.

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Please see the documents below that you may find useful throughout the year.

Spring Term 1 - Volcanoes Knowledge Organiser

Spring Term Learning Balloon

Tag Rugby

 Wenlock Class took part in a tag rugby tournament with Beckington School at Frome Rugby Club. There were two teams taking part and the children worked brilliantly together. 


Wenlock Class enjoyed an fabulous day at We The Curious Museum in Bristol. They enjoyed exploring the hands on exhibits around the science museum and had lots of fun using the animation stations!

We were lucky enough to participate in a workshop to learn about and create the water cycle in a real life science laboratory and enjoy a Splash and Bubble science show.

The day was truly enjoyable day for all the children and a valuable educational experience!

Tag Rugby


During STEAM week the children have enjoyed lots exciting learning activities involving, science, technology, engineering art and maths.

Food Design and Technology Task

The children have enjoyed being designers this week. After being put into three groups the children were challenged, just like being 'The Apprentice' to to create their own pizza company name and logo. The children worked so well in their groups and displayed a real maturity to be able to mind map ideas together and compromise to make group decisions.

After creating labels for their pizza boxes the children then as a group designed their company pizza!

Here are some photos of us busy at work and of our finished pizza boxes!

After all the designing and creative ideas it was time to actually make their pizzas. To do this we practised lots of different practical skills such as, grating, chopping and weighing all the ingredients.


The children have designed and created their own double page spread information pages to show all their new learning about volcanoes. The children have made us so proud with the time and care they have taken when creating them. They have also impressed us and themselves with all their new knowledge!

As part of their learning to support their maths this week the children developed their understanding of pictograms and block graphs. As a class we collected data about their favourite fruit. Then using an individual fun size packet of Skittles sweets, the children produced their own block graph to show the colours of skittles in their packet. They learned how to show the information precisely using the x and y axis.




After the children used their Skittles to create some beautiful art work. Here are the results!


After successfully constructing and painting our volcanoes it was time for them to become ACTIVE!

Here are some photos of our volcano eruptions!

The children have enjoyed designing and engineering volcanoes structures in pairs to enhance their learning about them. 

After the construction of their volcanoes and time for them to dry. The children had great fun painting their volcanoes in realistic colours, complete with fumaroles, lava flows and pools!

Children's Mental Health Week

7 -11th February



This week the children have been learning and focussing on how we keep our minds healthy. During the week we took part in some relaxing techniques with our cuddly toys and even some focussing activities where we had to watch different colours and objects on the screen. They also participated in some animal yoga as well as creating their own Happiness Boxes!


We have also been learning about the importance of E-safety. The children really enjoyed learning about technology,  and how we can stay safe when using computers at school and at home. The children were introduced to the E- Safety SMART rules when using and exploring computers. After a session discussing how to stay safe the children designed their own SMART E-Safety posters.



Nick Rowland - Artist Study

As part of our exploration and learning about volcanoes we have completed an artist study about the exciting artist Nick Rowland. After researching about his life and inspirations we were then ourselves inspired by his painting of an erupting volcano. We tried are very best to emulate his artistry and create our own master pieces. We used any different techniques such has blowing pint down straws, flicking pain of paint brushes.

He is what we achieved!

Climbing High!

 Wenlock Class enjoyed an exciting and action packed morning at the Boulder Rooms in Frome. They participated in both archery and climbing activities both of which many of the children had not experienced before.


Thank you to Ian Groves and his team for organising and supporting the children during this great sporting opportunity!

Forest School

Wenlock Class have been enjoying their forest school sessions in our designated forest school area on our spacious school field.

Practical Geography

We had great fun learning about the structure of the Earth today. The children used Play Dough to create 3D models of the layers of the Earth, using different colours to represent the inner core, outer core, mantle and crust. Once the children had made their models the teachers carefully cut them open to show the different layers. The children then used card and cocktail sticks to label the different layers of their Earth.  Here are the results.

Christmas Party and Christmas Trees 

Dancing Competition.mp4

Still image for this video

Science-Electrical Circuits

Wenlock Class have been enjoying lots of practical exploration of electrical equipment including batteries, battery holders bulbs, buzzers, crocodile clips, wires, to make simple series circuits .

The children also made their own switches using card, split pins and paper clips to turn their bulbs and buzzers on and off.


Still image for this video

American Museum Visit

Today Wenlock were lucky enough to be visited by the American Museum, to extend and embed their learning about Native Americans. During the visit the children were able to impress the museum curators with their knowledge and learning about this topic. The children also had an opportunity to handle and touch many Native American artefacts and learn what they were and in some cases would have been used for from the curators.

Christmas Play

We had so much fun performing Our Christmas play 'Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie. We used our best singing voices and our biggest voices for speaking to produce an amzing performance! Well done Wenlock Class!

ICT - Coding

We have been learning about block coding and coding concepts like algorithms, sequences and variables - as well as developing computational thinking skills through logical reasoning and problem-solving.


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Today Wenlock Class walked to Mells village war memorial to read the Remembrance poems and prayers they had written and to show their respects by observing a two minute silence at 11am.

The children show great respect with their very calm attitude and sensible behaviour, which made their teachers very proud. They also laid tissue paper poppies they had made on the war memorial in memory of the soldiers of Mells village that died in both WW1 and WW2.

After we visited St Andrews's church to look at the memorials in the church and the famous  bronze statue of Edward Horner on horse back made by the famous horse -painter Sir Alfred Munnings which is raised on a plinth designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens who also designed the Cenotaph in Whitehall.

FInd below some pictures and below and videos of our visit.



Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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Den Building

To support our learning in science and the children's topic of Light and Dark, the children made dens outside on the field to embed their understanding that darkness is the absence of light. Through this practical group activity the children were able to explore which materials were the most light proof. The children had an enormous amount of fun during this task! They actively enjoyed exploring and assessing each other's dens to decide which groups had achieved the aim of creating a light proof den. Well done Wenlock Class! 

As part of our science day the children learned about shadows and explored this concept by making shadow puppets. During this lesson the children learned about opaque, transparent and translucent materials and from a range of options they choose which was the best material for making a shadow puppet. Here are some of our designs.

Another subject the children studied as part of our science day was the dangers and benefits of the sun. The children used the knowledge they had gained from the previous lesson about shadows, to choose the most appropriate materials to design and make a pair of sun glasses. Don't they look fabulous!

Today in Wenlock Class we had a visitor from Selwood Middle School. Mr George is a scientist and science teacher. He showed us lots of different science experiments using all our senses and we were given the opportunity to experience many science mysteries. We had lots of fun! 

We have been enjoying the sunshine and the opportunity to learn outside. This week Year Three completed some outdoor learning where they were creating 3 digit numbers on a place value grid, drawn on the playground with chalk. While the Year 4 children made a human number line on the field to practise calculating and rounding 3 digit numbers to the nearest 100.

Mr Bertie will be teaching Wenlock class ‘Brass’ instruments for their music lessons for the autumn term.

These lessons will encompass a whole range of skills for the children including concentration, resilience and maths as well as being good for a sense of well-being.


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In Science the children worked on an investigation to find out if light reflects from different surfaces and which surfaces reflect more light.They were given lots of questions to think about before they conducted the experiment:


What is a light source?

What light sources can you think of?

What light source would be effective to test the reflectiveness of different surfaces?


They worked in groups and looked at the materials and made an estimate from 1-10 as to how reflective they thought they might be. They used the torches against the black paper to make a fair test. They then recorded the results to compare with their guess.