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Robin class

Robin Class:

Class teacher: Miss Jess Knight

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Lou Singer, Miss Nicola Wenlock (1:1) and Miss Laura Bowker (1:1).

Year Reception and Year One.

Welcome to Robin Class: 


It is my pleasure to welcome you to Robin Class and to Beckington First School.


I will be updating our class page regularly with information about our current learning, timetables, don't forget to check out Tapestry for photos of the fun we've been having in class.

Book week:


The children had lots of fun with book week last week where we had a focus on Room on the Broom. 


During the week the children had fun designing and writing potions, making potions, making wands in Forest School and edible wands in Golden Time. The children also had lots of fun with role-play acting out the story and other stories they were familiar with using dressing up and puppets. 


We ended the week with World Book Day where many of the children enjoyed dressing up. 

Book Week:

Science Week: 


We had lots of fun on our first week back exploring all things science! During the week we took part in lots of fun experiments and used scientific words such as predicting, observing, experiment. 


We had a day that focused on magnets, on this day we explored what magnets do and what magnets are attracted towards.

Another day focused on ice, the children made their own ice sculptures, which we later observed once we'd put them outside after they'd frozen. We also experimented in what would make ice melt. 


Another day focused on colour, the children explored mixing colours using coloured water and paints. The children also did the skittles experiment, exploring what would happen with the skittles and colours once they were put in water. 


The children also did another experiment using paper aeroplanes, they made paper aeroplanes and saw how far they could fly.

Science Week



Year Reception:

Our Year Reception children follow the Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. 


This is curriculum is split into 7 areas of learning: Personal, social and emotional development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Maths, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. 


The children will have a play based approach to learning which we refer to as choosing time. As well as this they will have regular small group and whole-class teaching sessions to develop their attention, listening and key skills such as reading, writing and maths. During their choosing time children will have access to some activities put out by adults that aim to extend the children's current skills and they will be able to choose some of their own activities, adults will support them in play to encourage further development of knowledge and skills through positive interactions. Most of their learning will recorded through photos and observations, they will however do occasional recording of learning for areas of learning such as writing. 


Year One: 
Our Year One children follow the National Curriculum. 


This curriculum is split into core and foundation subjects, core subjects are those like maths and literacy, foundation subjects include music, history, geography etc. 


The children will have a balance between play-based learning and adult led activities. There will be a shift towards more adult led activities as the year goes on. The children will record their learning in books, and will have literacy, maths and phonics sessions everyday. Sometimes our Year One's will share learning experiences with the children in Blackbird Class to ensure continuity in learning between the two classes and supporting transition to Year Two. 



To record our learning and play we are using an app called Tapestry. We will regularly upload photos and observation

to Tapestry, and this will act as a record of the learning your child has done. 


As parents/guardians you will be able to access Tapestry and view the learning and activities your child is doing whilst they are at school. If you are unsure of your login for this please come and see me.