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Welcome to Ragstone Class

We are a Reception class who are taught by Mr Shipway and supported by Mrs B (Bridle) every morning. Along with Mrs Bowker (every morning) and Miss Gunter (every afternoon). 


The adults in school have been very busy preparing the learning space and we have made a short video to introduce ourselves and show you around the classroom.

Please use this link to access it:


This page will be kept updated regulary with all the children's amazing learning, please scroll down to see some.

IG Sports - Fun Fitness Day

On Wednesday we were very fortunate that Mr Groves from IG Sports gave us a fun fitness lesson. The children complete lots of different exercises and skills, such as hopping, jumping, running and balancing. The children all really enjoyed themselves and we thank Mr Groves for this experience

Coram Life Education Visit (SCARF)

On Friday 30th April we had a class session from the Life Bus which was led by Helen. The children learnt about their bodies and what is inside our body we cant see, they talked about keeping ourselves well and what happens when we are poorly and how we make our friends feel better when we are feeling sad. The children really enjoyed it and especially meeting Harold the Giraffe, we even got a class Harold to keep!

Wheels Wheels Everywhere


The children enjoyed today, where we got a chance to move around on different wheels. The children bough in their scooters and bikes from home and even some children moved on roller skates. Mr Shipway also bought in his bike from home and did lots of riding around the field and playground.

World Book Day

Ragstone had lots of fun celebrating World Book Day, and there were some fabulous costumes by all the children. The children participated in lots of fun activities throughout the day. Including a book scavenger hunt and writing about the book character they had come to school dressed as

STEAM Week 8th - 12th March 2021

During STEAM week the children have been busy trying out lots of different activities relating to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. During this week the school also celebrated National Science Week which was 5th - 14th March.

Friday 12th March

The children had a fantastic morning of forest school. They enjoyed their time outside climbing rocks and exploring the forest school are. They all enjoyed toasting marsh-mellows, eating hot dogs and drinking hot chocolate. What a fantastic first week back Ragstone - well done everyone

Thursday 11th March

We had a lovely day on a welly walk even though it was a bit windy! We loved jumping in the puddles and getting wet, we found a very large puddle that we all jumped in.
We were lucky enough to get some frog spawn from the local pond which we have placed in the classroom. We will watch and observe and see what the frog spawn does. The children have been learning about life cycles over the past few weeks too and were able to talk about the butterfly life cycle and human life cycle on our way back to school.

Wednesday 10th March

Today was a Science and Engineering day, the children covered floating and sinking again and we talked about what things might float and sink. We look at different materials and the children decided what materials they wanted to make their boat from. The challenge was to design and build a boat that would float on water. The children predicted what might happen to their boat first before they built them and we watched and discovered which boats floated and which ones sunk!

Tuesday 9th March

Today was a science focus where the children learn about  two important words - floating and sinking.

  • Float / Floating - when an object floats it stays on top of the water (or any other liquids)
  • Sink / Sinking - when an object sinks it goes below the surface of the water


The children found objects around the class and had to predict whether the items would float or sink. As we were being scientists the children were aware that sometimes we get things wrong and that's how we learn. We had so much fun finding out what objects float and sink! 

Monday 8th March

To start our STEAM week the children created bird feeders in Ragstone garden and helped with the planting of seeds. At the start of our lesson we recapped our previous science learning of plants and talked about what they need to grow. We planted sunflowers and poppies and some brightly coloured cosmos flowers. In the afternoon we looked at Vincent Van Gogh and talked about some of his work. We looked at his sunflower painted he created and the childrens art activity was to created their own image of sunflowers using pastals.

Clay Dinosaurs

Ragstone class have made clay dinosaurs and painted them during our topic on dinosaurs. Can you guess which dinosaurs we made?

Dinosaur Baking

Ragstone children had a really exciting morning, to continue and reinforce our learning on dinosaurs we made our own dinosaurs biscuits and decorated them. I think you agree they look very yummy!


Welly Walk - Snow Day

Our planned welly walk today turned into a snowy adventure around Mells. We took a tray and went tobogganing down hills and in front of the school. The children really enjoyed it and there were lots of smiley faces and laughter all morning. We even got Miss Chantler tobogganning down at the end.


Our new topic is DINOSAURS! 

Throughout the Spring term we will be learning all about Dinosaurs. The children helped with the creation of this topic map after telling me what they would like to find out about dinosaurs at the end of the Autumn term.


Please use the link below to access our topic balloon and find out what we will be learning about.

Christmas and Birthday Parties

At the end of the term (Autumn) the children had a Christmas party and the children's class birthday party. There were lots of games played, fun activities, pass the parcel and some FANTASTIC dancing!

Tinsel and Tea towels

Ragstone class had a film premiere morning where they enjoyed popcorn and watch our nativity. They were very excited when they saw themselves on screen and joined in with the songs again!

Children in Need

Ragstone children have been busy raising money for Children in Need. We created 'spotty' Pudseys using our fingers and dressed up in lots of spots or mufti for this day.

Bonfire and Firework Art

To celebrate Bonfire / Firework night the children have created their own pieces of art work. It was a very messy morning but the children really enjoyed making their own firework pictures.


This week the children cooked with foods that we would normally be harvesting this year. Thank you very much Beau, Luca and Bonnie for their pumpkin. Ragstone children made vegetable soup with it! We shared this with the rest of the school and also enjoyed eating Basalts pumpkin bread and Wenlocks pumpkin muffins.

Autumn Welly Walk

Ragstone class went on an autumn welly walk to the Quarry. While there we explored the woods, collected pine cones and enjoyed the time being outside.

Repeating Patterns


The children have been busy learning about patterns and repeating patterns. The children became aware that repeating patterns have to repeat to be a repeating pattern. We used fruit to make repeating pattern fruit kebabs. We then ate them as our snack.