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Welcome to Ragstone Class

We are a Reception class who are taught by Mr Shipway and supported by Mrs B (Bridle) every morning. Along with Mrs Bowker (every morning) and Miss Gunter (every afternoon). 


The adults in school have been very busy preparing the learning space and we have made a short video to introduce ourselves and show you around the classroom.

Please use this link to access it:


This page will be kept updated regulary with all the children's amazing learning, please scroll down to see some.

Water Fun!

The children had so much fun with the water and I think the adults in Ragstone class did too! It was lovely end to the school year


The children today had a fantastic morning session at forest school, we enjoyed exploring the nature kitchen, digging area, imaginative area and really enjoyed climbing and jumping of the stones. Ragstone children showed amazing team work at the beginning of forest school to help with re-building the fire-pit / fire area and collecting logs to burn.


They enjoyed drinking hot chocolate and eating marshmallows and hot dogs.


Ragstone children loved getting muddy on this day! They enjoyed the mud slide, making mud pies and painting everything and everyone especially Mr Shipway

Posting our postcards

Ragstone went to the post office today to post their fantastic postcards that we wrote last week. They went with me to the post office and posted them into the bag. The children really enjoyed going to the post office.

Shape Welly Walk

Ragstone class had a very enjoyable shape walk to the duck pond today. They looked out for shapes as we made our way to the pond and were able to talk about the shapes they found. One of the best parts of the walk was when they got to the pond and went in the water, I think the children really had fun jumping in the pond!


This week the children completed their latest sequence of lessons on minibeasts. To complete this sequence of lessons I tasked the children to create minibeasts out of the construction toys we have in the classroom. Below are the children's creations - can you workout what the children made?

Making Jam Tarts

To complete our writing focus over the last few weeks on instructions, we followed instructions in a recipe to make jam tarts. I think you can see from the children's big smiles at the end they really enjoyed this cooking session. The ingredients are below if you would like to try it at home too!


  • 85g/3oz unsalted butter or margarine
  • 170g/6oz self-raising flour, plus extra for dusting
  • 20 tsp jam, or to taste

IG Sports - Fun Fitness Day

On Wednesday we were very fortunate that Mr Groves from IG Sports gave us a fun fitness lesson. The children complete lots of different exercises and skills, such as hopping, jumping, running and balancing. The children all really enjoyed themselves and we thank Mr Groves for this experience

Coram Life Education Visit (SCARF)

On Friday 30th April we had a class session from the Life Bus which was led by Helen. The children learnt about their bodies and what is inside our body we cant see, they talked about keeping ourselves well and what happens when we are poorly and how we make our friends feel better when we are feeling sad. The children really enjoyed it and especially meeting Harold the Giraffe, we even got a class Harold to keep!

Wheels Wheels Everywhere


The children enjoyed today, where we got a chance to move around on different wheels. The children bough in their scooters and bikes from home and even some children moved on roller skates. Mr Shipway also bought in his bike from home and did lots of riding around the field and playground.

World Book Day

Ragstone had lots of fun celebrating World Book Day, and there were some fabulous costumes by all the children. The children participated in lots of fun activities throughout the day. Including a book scavenger hunt and writing about the book character they had come to school dressed as