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Ragstone class is made up of Reception and Year 1 children. Mr Shipway is the class teacher and Mrs B is the Teacher Assistant (Mon - Thurs morning) and Miss Gunter (Fri AM). We are also lucky to have Mrs Elliott supporting and helping children in our class every morning to 12pm too!


The below document is what the Reception will be working towards throughout their time in Reception.


Throughout our current topic, Kings, Queen and Castles the children have been busy learning about parts of a castle and where castles were built to prevent people trying to get into them. The children have learnt about the importance of 'arrow slits' and 'battlements' on a castle and what they were used for, from this and with the help of Mrs Atkins we have an archery lesson where we had to try and hit the target / numbers. The children used bows and arrows and showed good emerald power with their perseverance.

Wheels Day

Ragstone class a wheelie good day this week. We all bought our wheels to school and enjoyed moving on our wheels. Even the adults in Ragstone class bought in their wheels and enjoyed moving on our 'wheels'. We had a range of wheels, from skateboards, bikes, scooters and go karts!

Mini Olympics

The children had a fantastic time taking part in some mini Olympics. The children had to participate in some standing jumps, throwing activity and a long distance running. They were all fantastic superstars and gave every activity 100%. Thank you Mr Groves and team for this day

Gardening and Planting


Ragstone class have a very productive morning, with the help of Katy (Leo's Mum) who helped us revamp our garden. We planted new herbs, sunflowers, sweet peas and even strawberries in wellies! We cannot wait to see all the things grow!

Lambs Visit Basalt Class


We had some special visitors in our school today, some very cute baby lambs!  They are orphan lambs staying with a family from Basalt Class. The children had great fun getting to stroke the lambs and some of the lambs even sucked of the children's fingers....I think they were still hungry. 

Kings and Queens - Summer Term

The children have had a fantastic start to the Summer term, and this week they have thoroughly enjoyed creating our new role play area - a castle. They helped design, decorate and choose what things we had in it and where they should be, the best part they enjoyed was exploring it and learning within this area this week. As you can see from the pictures I think this topic the children are really going to enjoy!

Cricket Coaching

We have really enjoyed our last two weeks of cricket coaching with Sean. He has taught us how to aim, when bowling. How to hold a cricket bat and how to swing it if we want to hit the ball. Sean has also taught us how to catch, making sure we catch with two hands and always keep our eyes on the ball. Fingers crossed for more cricket coaching soon as Ragstone class really enjoyed it!

The children have really enjoyed their topic on The Three Little Pigs, here are some of our wanted posters we made to try and catch the Big Bad Wolf

Holy Week

Reception children have been busy this term learning about about Holy Week. The children have learnt why we they are special days in it, like Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday. During our RE learning we talked through these days understanding why Palm Sunday is called Palm Sunday. We did find Good Friday a bit puzzling as Jesus dies on this day! The children really enjoyed tasting hot cross buns on Easter Saturday and could identify the significance of the hot cross bun well. I think the children enjoyed learning about Easter Sunday too when they participated in an Easter egg hunt in the garden!

Ragstone Class Celebration Assembly - 24th March

Ragsone Assembly.mp4

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March Forest School

Ragstone children had a really enjoyed morning session down in our forest school area. We had lovely weather which the children enjoyed being out in, which helped them explore and dig in the digging area and nature kitchen. They explored the hammering area where they made some fantastic creations, I really enjoyed seeing the children hammer and explore the screw drivers on their own. I loved seeing the DJ decks that some of the children made. 


Of course to end our forest school session we had hot dogs and toasted, some very toasted marshmallows!

The children have been busy learning about the Hindu festival Holi. The children created a person celebrating the festival and then had fun with coloured shredded paper imagining their were at this colourful fun festival/

Children enjoying learning about Holi festival

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Book Week 16th March 23rd March

During book week Ragstone class will be participating in lots of fantastic activities based around books, such as in school family reading, celebrating World Book Day, spending time in the book fair, reading and sharing books and listening to an author along with coming back to school and hearing some bedtime stories.

Take a look at our fantastic World Book Day pictures, I think we look fantastic and we had a great time talking about who we had come to school as and produced some good work based around our character

Wednesday 16th March, the first day of book week started with us welcoming Jenna Herman into school the illustrator of 'We Are Family'. She read her book to us during the morning along with telling us all about different animals and what baby animals are called along with telling us what disgusting food some baby animals eat! Some animals even eat their Mum's poo and skin, we all thought this was rather disgusting! After hearing the story we then created our own butterflies similar to the picture that she drew in the book. I think our butterflies look amazing, good enough to go in the book - what do you think?

Welly Walk to the Woods

The children really enjoyed our welly walk today when we went searching for the Big Bad Wolf, however we didn't find him. While in the woods the children enjoyed exploring the area, looking down on the quarry, building stick houses (to keep the pigs safe), climbing trees and even some children 'caught and built snake houses and traps!'

The Three Little Pigs

Ragstone class have been busy learning the story of 'The Three Little Pigs', we have learnt the story through the Talk for Writing (T4W) process which is where we remember a story through actions and a story map. The children also sequenced the story and drew their own story map along with writing their favourite part of the story. Over the next few weeks the children will write the story and create their own 'Three Little Pigs' story


The children have been really enjoying their times exploring and using the bikes. We have also been working on 'crossing the core' games. Throughout the lessons the children have worked on braking, using the brake, walking the bikes, gliding and the most important thing, getting on and off the bike safely! From the smiley faces I think the children really enjoyed the recent PE lessons on the bikes.

Life Bus Visit - 14th March

The children really enjoyed their visit today from the Life Bus. We learnt about 'Our Bodies', 'Keeping Healthy' and 'Whats Inside Us', we even got to meet Harold!


Meeting Harold the Giraffe

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Washing Harold

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Brushing Harold's Teeth

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Animals Animals Animals

Reception children have been busy in the afternoon learning more about farm animals and other types of animals. We have started to look at different habitat and identify where different animals live and why they live there. During our farm animal learning the children learnt about how we could create mosaic pieces of art work. After a demonstration from Mr Shipway the children then chose their own farmyard animal and create their mosaic art. We have also learnt about footprints and when we make footprints, for example we talked about how we can make footprints in the sand, on mud and in snow to name a few we then painted our own images of animal footprints.


14th February - 18th February

During this week our learning will be based around Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics

Thursday 17th February today the children became engineers and builders when they used their plans from earlier in the week to create their bridges. During this time there was some fantastic emerald power shown as they kept going even though their learning was a little tricky! Also the children also used brilliant diamond power as they solved their problems independently without any help from the adults in the classroom. A fantastic morning of learning Ragstone - WELL DONE!

Bridge Building

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Thursday 17th February, we continued our STEAM learning with an afternoon of art, where the children completed and created pieces of art based around chicks. Before the children started their pieces of art we learnt about what chicks turn into and what they need to grow.

Wednesday 16th February the children enjoyed being outside exploring the forest school area. They explored the digging areas, nature kitchen areas and climbing on the stones. They also enjoyed their hot dogs and marshmallows!

Tuesday 15th, the children became designers and engineers where they had to solve a problem. The problem was that there were some animals that were in a field with no food and in the other field there was lots of food however stopping the animals getting there was a very big and wide river and the children had to think about what they could design to help the animals cross it. Here are some of the children's views:

  • we can build a bridge - Toby
  • they need a boat - Ivy
  • build a animal boat - Alfie
  • we can ask a friendly frog and borrow their lily pads to get across - Eva
  • we can make a bridge - Evalyn


We talked about building a bridge, which we will build on Thursday and the children then also told me what a bridge was:

  • a bridge helps people across things without them being squashed - Freddie
  • a bridge floats on water - Leo

On Monday 14th the children very much enjoyed their trip to Puxton Park where we learnt more about animals and baby animals, fed a lot animals, had fun on a tractor ride and of course explored the soft play area. Mr Shipway and Mrs B also had fun on the slides!

Mrs B, Mr Shipway and the children sliding

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Cows on the Farm

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Children's Mental Health Week 7 - 11th February

This week the children have been busy learning and focussing on how we keep our minds healthy this years them is Growing Together. On Monday we took part in some relaxing techniques with our cuddly toys and even some focussing activities where we had to watch different colours and objects on the screen.


We have also been learning about the importance of Esafety. The children really enjoyed learning about technology, who owns it and how we need to be careful when using. The children became aware of the SMART rules when using and exploring computers. After learning all this the children had some time exploring and having funon doodlemaths.