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Owl Class (year 3, 4)

Monday 6th July

Dear Parents and children,

Just to let you know that this is the last week (WEEK 6) of online learning resources provided by school. Mr V, Mrs Murray and I have been so impressed with all your amazing home learning over the last few months. You have all been TRUE SUPERHEROES! Like any Superhero, you have taken on the challenge and completely SMASHED all of the online learning activities provided!


We have been so impressed with you ALL! The standard of your writing, vocabulary choices, handwriting, white rose maths, phonics, amazing artwork, super creative art ideas both indoors and outdoors! VE Day celebrations, helping at home, cooking, cleaning cars, zoom sessions, growing sunflowers, snail mail, bingo challenge. The list is endless...








Well done Olivia! You have completed some excellent learning based on the Superhero Writing project I set a couple of weeks ago. I love your comic strip and the fact that you have included lots of different action words (Onomatopoetic words) such as KAZOOM and OUCH! I also love your description and illustration of Leaf your Superhero. You have included some lovely descriptive language and a fantastic 2Ad sentence at the end! Well done Olivia! Fantastic learning right up until the end of term!

Olivia and Tilly have enjoyed making some marbled pebbles with lots of brightly, coloured patterns. They have sent through the instructions in case anyone else would like to have a go. TIP - It's best to do it outside - nail varnish tends to very smelly!

Ava M set herself her own reading challenge to read from Chapter 10 of 'The 26 Storey Tree House,' all of 'The 39 Storey Tree House' book and the book titled, 'Lamb all Alone' in one week! I am very pleased to say that Ava achieved her fantastic reading challenge! Well done Ava!

Well done Ella for completing the first lesson of the new Superhero Comic Strip Project that I uploaded last week. I love the way you have illustrated your Onomatopoeic words: POW, ZAP and SMASH! Ella has also enjoyed doing some photo editing where she has combined Phoebe's face with a full moon!

WOW Florence! I absolutely love your handmade Superhero cuffs and mask! Great attention to detail with your striking lightning flash and star on each cuff and your lovely theatrical illustrations on your mask! Well done Florence! Love the flat teachers too!

Ava N has created an excellent Superhero Comic Strip with detailed illustrations and I love your use of speech bubbles and onomatopoeic words Ava! Well done! Ava M has also created her own Comic Strip called 'Fearless Frannie Saves a Lioness.' What a great title Ava which really grabs the reader's attention and makes them want to read on!

Beckington School Superheroes are go..........

Still image for this video





Tuesday 30th June 2020

Dear Parents and children, 

It was really lovely to see so many of you at last Friday's Hoglet's zoom session! You all looked fantastic in your Superhero outfits and I was very impressed by the way in which you all answered Gemma's questions about your Superhero powers! Thank you so much for joining in so well and participating. It was great fun! 


I just wanted to let you know that I have uploaded a new 'Comic Strip' project for you to do together at home with your parents or at school with Mr Vincent. I have included some art lessons within this project as I know you are all very creative. There is an online tutorial showing you how to draw your own Superhero and another one showing you how to draw your own Villain! The sequence of five lessons builds up the knowledge and skills you need as a cartoonist to create your own comic strip. I know some of you have already done this so you might like to complete the first four lessons unless you are super keen and would like to create another one using your new brilliant cartoonist skills!


I would love to share your drawings and comic strips on Owl Class page so please email all your lovely home learning to the school office.


There is no pressure at all to complete this project so please do as much or as little as you feel possible. 


Take care and have fun!

Love Mrs Gillon X

Kenzie helped his daddy to bake a delicious courgette cake. He wasn’t sure whether he was going to like it, but once he tried the mixture from the bowl, he loved it! The finished cake slices look absolutely delicious Kenzie and I love the icing too! Super baking!

After visiting some lions, Harry W has been inspired to draw and colour in his own lion pictures completely freehand! Harry has also completed lots of White Rose Maths, created colourful animal pictures by cutting out paper shapes and he has enjoyed woodland walks with his family! Keep up your excellent home learning Harry! Well done!

Riley wanted to share the certificates he has received from Doodle Maths for mastering all of his times tables! What an amazing achievement Riley! Well done! Really lovely that your hard work at home has been recognised by the staff team at Doodle Maths!

Great to see your flat teachers joining in!
Lovely to receive a postcard and certificate!

Ella has enjoyed reading her Spiderman Comic at home and she has been inspired to draw her own Spiderman pictures and front cover. What brilliant, detailed drawings Ella! I love your picture of 'Venom' from your Spiderman Comic! I think you would make a great illustrator or cartoonist when you're older! Well done Ella!

Ava and Elsie have both written their own excellent stories including suspense to engage the reader and some lovely descriptive vocabulary. Well done girls! Owl Class, can you spot any fronted adverbials? Authors use fronted adverbials so they can start their sentences in a range of exciting ways.

I love your illustrations Ava!
Beautiful handwriting and presentation Elsie!

Kenzie has made a colourful Owl out of plaster of Paris, which he then painted, in the warm sunshine outside. Well done Kenzie! What a great material to make it out of! I bet it was quite messy but good fun!



Dear Parents and children, 

I hope you are all well and keeping safe with your families! This Friday, we are going to have a very exciting, whole school zoom session with a lady called Gemma, who runs her own children's theatre company in York called 'Hoglets.' She named it Hoglets because baby hedgehogs are called Hoglets! I will send out login details via parent mail as soon as we have confirmed the time on Friday afternoon.


Gemma is going to run a lovely Superhero Zoom session for us based on the story, 'Even Superheroes Have Bad Days!' This is a fantastic story and really relevant at the moment. You have all been fantastic superheroes by staying at home, keeping everyone safe and completing lots of home learning and super helpful chores! We know that some days are harder than others because even as Superheroes we all have bad days. The most important thing is how we manage our feelings on these more difficult days! The story tells this brilliantly and explains how Superheroes battle the urge to do harm and they dig deep down to their super best part, the strong super powers contained in their heart!


I have attached four English/Art lessons linked to this story so that  your child/ren can become familiar with the plot before Friday's zoom session. The sequence of lessons involves the children understanding what the Superheroes in the story could potentially do if they used their powers in the wrong way and then looking at how they dug deep and used their powers in the right way to help others. Children will also have the chance to create their own Superhero character with special powers and actions to go with these powers. I know some children have completed this already so they can use the same Superhero. I have also included an art lesson where children can make their own Superhero cuffs. This activity has been provided by Hoglets and I have attached the link in my planning and in the resource list below. Ella and Phoebe have already completed some brilliant Superhero cuffs previously. Here they are below. I love the lightning bolts!




Your child/ren can then dress up as their own Superhero for the zoom session and act out their special powers. This is of course optional and Gemma will only choose those children who put their hand up and want to share their Superhero name and special powers/actions. It is absolutely fine if your child/ren would prefer to just to sit and watch and wear their own clothes. I participated in a session a couple of weeks ago with Emma and she enjoyed watching at the beginning and eventually she had the confidence to stand up and join in. These things are all very new to all of us and we appreciate that not all children will want to take part in this whole school session so please don't worry if this is the case. They are still Superheroes and like all Superheroes, they will be on their own Special Superhero missions somewhere on planet Earth! smiley


Please remember to send in any photographs of your child/ren completing these activities with their flat teachers! We would love to see a sneaky peak of your Superhero characters and cuffs before Friday!


All the Maths and Phonics for this coming week can be found by scrolling down this page! 


Take care and keep safe!

Mr Vincent, Mrs Murray and I all look forward to seeing you this Friday, Superhero ready! XX

Chris Evans reading the story, 'Even Superheroes Have Bad Days!'

Skye has been having great fun joining in with Devon's Superhero project and she has created a fantastic comic strip for her made up Superhero ‘Sparky.’ Beautiful handwriting and presentation Skye! Well done!

Great illustrations Skye!

Jake wanted to share with Owl class how much his sunflowers have grown. Three out of six have grown taller than him and three have grown almost as tall as him! Jake has also been helping out at home by cooking an evening meal and baking bread. Well done for also keeping up with your English and Maths Jake and learning how to draw your favourite book characters. What a star!

Look how tall Jake's sunflowers have grown?
Great dough making Jake!
Jake being a Superhero at home by making dinner!
I love your rainbow, salt dough, hand print Jake!
A future cartoonist Jake!

Olivia has created a fantastic Superhero card for Father's Day and she has also made a gift box for some homemade fudge for Daddy. Olivia has also created a nature smile in her Grandma's garden as a lovely surprise for her! What a thoughtful, Superhero thing to do!

I love your Father's Day card Olivia!
I am sure Daddy will love your homemade fudge!
What a lovely way to make someone smile!

Dear parents and children, 


I hope you are all well and keeping safe with your families! It was lovely to see so many of you in our Zoom Cookery session last Friday. Mr Vincent, Miss Thompson and I really enjoyed seeing you in your kitchens with your parents, cooking along with us. 


Calling all DEN BUILDERS on a wet, rainy day!


We challenge you to build dens together at home, either inside on a wet, rainy day like today or outside on a warm, sunny day! If you decide to build inside, you could use chairs, tables, sofas, lots of blankets, pegs, string or elastic bands. Emma and I made a den a few weeks ago using cardboard boxes, foam squares and a large cardboard dice for the chimney! She loved playing inside it with all her toys!



Once you have built your dens either with your parents, grandparents, brother and/or sisters or by yourself to create your own special one, you may wish to read stories to each other or to a grown up inside them. You could even read to one or all of your flat teachers. You may like to have your lunch in your den or play games in your den but most of all just have fun in your den!


It would be lovely if you could send in some photos of you building and enjoying your den if you decide to make one!


We hope that you continue to have a wonderful time at home enjoying your learning with your flat teachers and we are missing you all very much!


Take care and keep safe 

From Mr Vincent, Mrs Murray and Mrs Gillon x

Jake has loved building a den inside his house today and he has even made space for Piney his budgie! I bet Piney thought he had gone on his holidays!

Olivia has made a brilliant den/snug using a desk in her bedroom. Inside her den, she has completed some fantastic geography research about Mountains and used a map/atlas to locate mountains around the World. Her flat teachers joined in too!

I love your den Olivia! Very cosy for learning!
A lovely way of presenting your facts Olivia!
Brilliant map work and using a coloured key!

Take a look inside Owl class.

What is the same? What is different?

Still image for this video


For those children returning to school on Monday, you might like to take your flat teachers with you and keep us on your desk for company! We will enjoy travelling between home and school everyday!

Keep your brilliant work coming in Owl Class.

I love to see them and it's great to share them with each other here on our class page.


Mr V


Dear Parents,


It is unbelievable but we have reached the final term of the academic year and at the point Mr Vincent, Mrs Murray and myself would like to reiterate our thanks to you for all the support you have given to your child/ren during this unprecedented time, and for the work you have completed with them so far. We recognise how all your circumstances are very different at home and how challenging home schooling can be, especially if you are working from home or you have more than one child. As such, we have all had to adapt to a new way of working. Please be rest assured that any learning that you do with your child/ren is really valuable and will have a positive impact on them and their development.


Please find below a new set of learning opportunities and activities for you to explore and complete with your children at home.


Your child/ren’s wellbeing and happiness continues to be our priority, so if you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact the school and we will be happy to help in any way we can.


Take care and stay safe

Mrs Gillon, Mr Vincent and Mrs Murray


New Termly Topic 



As a staff we have put together a new topic called SUPERHEROES! We feel this is a very relevant subject and one that you can explore at home. The topic map has several different focuses, again to encourage the practise of many different skills including, Creating Heroes where the children are encouraged to be creative and use their imaginations, Helping Our Minds and Bodies which is included to help support your child/ren’s wellbeing at this timeIn addition, there are other focuses including Helping our Environment and Home Heroes where the children are encouraged to look after their environment and think of others.


What we have provided are suggested activities, again please do not feel you must compete all of them but pick and choose the ones that your child/ren are interested in or inspired by. Your child may also wish to think of some of their own ideas but it would be great if the activities you choose could cover all the areas. Please continue to send us photos and updates of your learning at home as we love seeing them. Don't forget to use the surprise inside your Snail Mail to support your learning at home!


An important poem to share with your child/ren explaining that they have been Superhero's too by staying at home for the last couple of months and keeping everyone safe!

Resources linked to the new Superhero topic!


This term, I am going to be posting weekly maths lessons for the children to work through that link to both White Rose Maths and Oak National Academy. I would recommend working through one of the schemes with your child as the lesson orders vary slightly between the different online platforms. Please do not feel any pressure to rush through these as each weeks list of lessons will remain on the website so that your child can work through these at their own pace. I would also encourage your child/ren to continue using Doodle Maths as this helps to maintain the numeracy skills that they have been learning in school.


Year 3

Week 1 Resources (1.6.20)

Oak National Academy: Topic: Fractions


White Rose Maths: Topic: Decimals and Fractions

Link to Supporting Video: Week 6


Year 3

Week 2 Resources (8.6.20)

Oak National Academy: Topic: Fractions


White Rose Maths: Topic: Equivalent Fractions

Link to Supporting Video: Week 7

Year 3

Week 3 Resources (15.6.20)

Oak National Academy: Topic: Fractions


White Rose Maths: Topic: Fractions

Link to Supporting Video: Week 8

Year 3

Week 4 Resources (22.6.20)

Oak National Academy: Topic: Angles and Shape


White Rose Maths: Topic: Angles

Link to Supporting Video: Week 9

Year 3

Week 5 Resources (29.6.20)

Oak National Academy: Topic: Angles and Shape


White Rose Maths: Topic: Shape and Time

Link to Supporting Video: Week 10

Year 3

Week 6 Resources (6.7.20)

Oak National Academy: Topic: Angles and Shape


White Rose Maths: Topic: Measuring Mass and Capacity

Link to Supporting Video: Week 11

Year 4

Week 1 Resources (1.6.20)

Oak National Academy: Topic: Area and Perimeter


White Rose Maths Week 6: Topic: Fractions 

Link to Supporting Video: Week 6

Year 4

Week 2 Resources (8.6.20)

Oak National Academy: Topic: Area and Perimeter


White Rose Maths Week 6: Topic: Decimals 

Link to Supporting Video: Week 7

Year 4

Week 3 Resources (15.6.20)

Oak National Academy: Topic: Solving Measures and Money Problems.


White Rose Maths Week 6: Topic: Decimals 

Link to Supporting Video: Week 8

Year 4

Week 4 Resources (22.6.20)

Oak National Academy: Topic: Area and Perimeter


White Rose Maths Week 6: Topic: Money 

Link to Supporting Video: Week 9

Year 4

Week 5 Resources (29.6.20)

Oak National Academy: Topic: Area and Perimeter


White Rose Maths Week 6: Topic: Statistics 

Link to Supporting Video: Week 10

Year 4

Week 6 Resources (6.7.20)

Oak National Academy: Topic: Solving Measures and Money Problems


White Rose Maths Week 6: Topic: Shape and Angles 

Link to Supporting Video: Week 11


This term, I will be providing one grammar lesson and three phonic activities every week. The grammar lessons have been made by a school of excellence for Literacy so their lessons are highly recommended. They can be found on Youtube so I am providing the link for each session. The phonics activities can be accessed from the Extra Practise Zone from Read, Write, Inc.


Mrs Simons, the Year 3 and 4 teacher from Mells, has created a user name and password to enable Owl Class to access the Oxford Owl, Read Write, Inc resources that we use in school. The new area on the website that has been created for Home Learning is called the Extra Practice Zone


To login into the phonics tasks your child will need to log onto

Click on the pink Class Login button (top right of the screen)

Enter the Mells Class Name: mellsphonics

                             password: MrsSimons

Click on the Blue Zone: Read, Write Inc. Spelling Extra Practice Zone


All children can complete the same grammar lesson but I have split phonics into year groups. Following the recommendations of Read, Write, Inc the children can complete three activities a week.


Year 3

Week 1 Resources (1.6.20)

Grammar lesson Focus: Pronouns 1

Link: Pronouns 1


Phonics: RWI Extra Practice Zone 

Please click on Year group and then on Year 3/Primary 4 to get you to the correct activities.

Your child can choose to complete the first three activities:

  1. Sounds the Same (Focus: identify the correct homophone)
  2. Swap, Double or Drop (Decide whether to swap, double or drop the last letter of the root word before you add the suffix)
  3. Rule Breakers (For each question an explanation of the spelling rule being practised is given on the right side of the screen)


Week 2 Resources (8.6.20)

Grammar lesson Focus: Conjunctions 1

Link: Conjunctions 1


Phonics: RWI Extra Practice Zone 

Please click on Year group and then on Year 3/Primary 4 to get you to the correct activities.

Your child can choose to complete the first three activities:

  1. Playing with Plurals (Focus: The correct spelling of plurals)
  2. Word Endings (Children to choose the correct ending of the given word from a drop down menu)


Week 3 Resources (15.6.20)

Grammar lesson Focus: Apostrophes for Possession

Link:  Apostrophes for Possession


Phonics: RWI Extra Practice Zone 

Please click on Year group and then on Year 3/Primary 4 to get you to the correct activities.

Your child can choose to complete the first three activities:

  1. Odd Rhyme Out (Focus: Children to identify the odd word out depending on the sounds in the words) Then go to page 5. After the Year 6 activities you will find several Spell the vowel activities which the children can work through).
  2. Spell the Vowel (Focus: a sound)
  3. Spell the Vowel (Focus: e sound) e/ea


Week 4 Resources (22.6.20)

Grammar lesson Focus: Pronouns 2

Link:  Pronouns 2


Phonics: RWI Extra Practice Zone 

Please click on Year group and then on Year 3/Primary 4 to get you to the correct activities.

Your child can choose to complete the first three activities:

  1. Spell the Vowel (Focus: i sound) i, y 
  2. Spell the Vowel (Focus: o sound) o, a
  3. Spell the Vowel (Focus: u sound) u, o, ou


Week 5 Resources (29.6.20)

Grammar lesson Focus: Inverted commas 1

Link:  Inverted Commas 1


Phonics: RWI Extra Practice Zone 

Please click on Year group and then on Year 3/Primary 4 to get you to the correct activities.

Your child can choose to complete the first three activities:

  1. Spell the Vowel (Focus: ay sound) ay, a-e, ai, a 
  2. Spell the Vowel (Focus: ay sound) aigh, eigh, ei, ey
  3. Spell the Vowel (Focus: ee sound) e-e, ey, ei, ie


Week 6 Resources (6.7.20)

Phonics: RWI Extra Practice Zone 

Please click on Year group and then on Year 3/Primary 4 

Work through the remaining Spell the Vowel Activities on the RWI Extra Practice Zone.


Year 4 

Week 1 Resources (1.6.20)

Grammar lesson Focus: Pronouns 1

Link: Pronouns 1


Phonics: RWI Extra Practice Zone 

Please click on Year group and then on Year 4/Primary 5 to get you to the correct activities.

Your child can choose to complete the first three activities:

  1. Sounds the Same (Focus: identify the correct homophone)
  2. Swap, Double or Drop (Decide whether to swap, double or drop the last letter of the root word before you add the suffix)
  3. Rule Breakers (For each question an explanation of the spelling rule being practised is given on the right side of the screen)


Week 2 Resources (8.6.20)

Grammar lesson Focus: Pronouns 1

Link: Conjunctions 1


Phonics: RWI Extra Practice Zone 

Please click on Year group and then on Year 4/Primary 5 to get you to the correct activities.

Your child can choose to complete the first three activities:

  1. Playing with Plurals (Focus: The correct spelling of plurals)
  2. Word Endings (Children to choose the correct ending of the given word from a drop down menu)
  3. Spell The Root (children to spell the root word from given suffix)


Week 3 Resources (15.6.20)

Grammar lesson Focus: Apostrophes for Possession

Link:  Apostrophes for Possession


Phonics: RWI Extra Practice Zone 

Please click on Year group and then on Year 4/Primary 5 to get you to the correct activities.

Your child can choose to complete the first three activities:

  1. Odd Rhyme Out (Focus: Children to identify the odd word out depending on the sounds in the words) Then go to page 5. After the Year 6 activities you will find several Spell the vowel activities which the children can work through).
  2. Spell the Vowel (Focus: a sound)
  3. Spell the Vowel (Focus: e sound) e/ea


Week 4 Resources (22.6.20)

Grammar lesson Focus: Pronouns 2

Link: Pronouns 2


Phonics: RWI Extra Practice Zone 

Please click on Year group and then on Year 4/Primary 5 to get you to the correct activities.

Your child can choose to complete the first three activities:

  1. Spell the Vowel (Focus: i sound) i, y 
  2. Spell the Vowel (Focus: o sound) o, a
  3. Spell the Vowel (Focus: u sound) u, o, ou


Week 5 Resources (29.6.20)

Grammar lesson Focus: Inverted commas

Link:   Inverted Commas 1


Phonics: RWI Extra Practice Zone 

Please click on Year group and then on Year 4/Primary 5 to get you to the correct activities.

Your child can choose to complete the first three activities:

  1. Spell the Vowel (Focus: ay sound) ay, a-e, ai, a 
  2. Spell the Vowel (Focus: ay sound) aigh, eigh, ei, ey
  3. Spell the Vowel (Focus: ee sound) e-e, ey, ei, ie


Week 6 Resources (6.7.20)

Phonics: RWI Extra Practice Zone 

Please click on Year group and then on Year 4/Primary 5 

Work through the remaining Spell the Vowel Activities on the RWI Extra Practice Zone.


e Books

Once you have signed into the Extra Practice Zone you will also have access to lots of e books which you can enjoy reading with your child. You can filter your search through appropriate ages, themes and series which will enable your child to practise their phonics and recognition of spelling rules and patterns. So happy reading!


Additional lessons and resources linked to the story, 'The Black Hat' have now been added below. Perhaps your flat teachers could sit next to you and keep you company!

Ella and Phoebe have made some fantastic Superhero Cuffs! These will come in useful for a very exciting Zoom session we are organising for the whole school in the next couple of weeks. Details to follow soon!

Olivia has been researching Mary Seacole this week and thinking about why she was such a superhero and should be remembered. Olivia has also used a kit to make a bird house out of an orange juice carton. What an ingenious idea! She is now waiting for the birds to discover their new home!

Excellent fact file and answers to comprehension!
I absolutely love your bird box! Well done!

Elsie, Ava and Sid have been having fantastic fun in the garden and have persevered to complete a brilliant trick! Owl Class see if you can complete this trick at home and send in your videos!

Still image for this video

Ava's turn!

Still image for this video

Ella's love of Harry Potter has inspired her to write her own short story. She has remembered to use accurate speech punctuation and included a wide variety of synomyns for said. This means different ways of writing said. Well done Ella! Thank you for editing your story and making sure that it's written in the past tense by adding ed to your verb endings. 


The story of Eloise Podmore


This story starts at Eloise Podmore’s house with her mum; Hestia Podmore her dad; Hugo Podmore ; brother Uric Podmore and Percy Patil her cousin, who are all wizards or witches.


One day Uric and Percy were talking about their adventures at Hogwarts (they made up most of it but Eloise enjoyed listening).Uric was going for his third year in about four days and Percy was going for his fifth. Eloise liked making up stories with them about what she will do at Hogwarts and which owl will deliver her letter. Her parents were a bit worried because her letter had still not been delivered and everyone was going to Hogwarts in four days! The next day at breakfast the post came, Eloise rushed over to the front door and rushed back to the dining room and started flicking through the post till she came to the last one, then a big sigh filled the room.

“No letters for me just The Daily Prophet and letters for Uric about what you need for Defence Against the Dark Arts”

“Sorry Eloise I don’t think it’s coming” said Percy


“Come on we’ll be late, hurry up Percy and you Uric!” shouted mum

“Ok Aunty Hestia.” replied Percy.

“What did I say about calling me that?”

“Sorry AUNTY!” shouted Percy.

“Ok we made it with ten minutes spare.” Said dad.

 “Go on walk through in the middle of nine and ten.” Mum said.

“Mother this is my fifth time doing this, I think I know.” Percy mumbled.

“And my third.” Added Uric.

“What did you two say” said mum in a quiet cross voice.

“Nothing” They both said.

“It’s Eloise I’m talking to, she’s never done it.” She said.

 “Hugo stay with Eloise and come through after me and the boys go through ok?” shouted mum over the noise.

“Ok!” shouted dad.

Whoosh! Both boys and mum ran between platform nine and ten. Eloise was still very sad that she didn’t get her letter and her parents were both very generous and got her a new enchanted note book which every time you write something down in it, it would send you a reminder of what you needed to do at the correct time.


Ella has created an excellent poster to warn people against dropping litter in the Sea! As Ella has mentioned on her poster, it's a very sad fact that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the Sea than fish if we continue throwing plastic into our Seas and Oceans!

Ava and Elsie have been very busy this week. They have been reading both indoors and outdoors, learning lots of life-skills such as cooking, gardening, making smoothies and tidying the spice drawer. Well done! Definite superheroes!

Elsie's family have often wondered what the differences are between Alpaca's and Llama's so Elsie decided to investigate and has produced an excellent comparison between the two animals. Well done Elsie! Beautifully presented with fluent, cursive handwriting!

Thank you Owl Class for joining in so brilliantly this afternoon. Our class zoom cook a-long was great fun and I could see lots of fantastic, freshly baked gingerbread biscuits, which I am sure have been taste tested already! Please send in your gingerbread photographs and I will display them below for everyone to see.

A really lovely photo Ava! Great baking today!
I love your decorated biscuits with smiley faces!
What fantastic decorating Olivia and Tilly!
Your ginger biscuits look delicious Florence!

Cook-a-long Zoom Session - Friday 12th June (2pm)


'Beckington Bake-Off!' 

Dear Parents and Children,


I hope you have enjoyed receiving your flat teachers through the post! I'm looking forward to seeing all the adventures that Mr V, Mrs Murray and I go on over the coming weeks! 


I thought it would be great fun to have a cook-a-long zoom session in our kitchens at home! If you would like to join me I'm going to be making some gingerbread biscuits. I am giving you a couple of weeks notice so that it gives time for your parents to buy any ingredients. An adult needs to be in the kitchen with you at all times for safety reasons and to provide any help if needed. It would make it easier on the day if you measure out all the ingredients beforehand in separate bowls and have baking trays ready with greaseproof paper etc. Mrs Simons from Mells is going to join us too! 


We thought Friday afternoon would be a good time because those children who have been in school all week will be able to join us as school is closed Friday afternoons. There is no pressure for you child to join the zoom session as I know for some children it can cause more worry and anxiety taking part.




To decorate

  • writing icing (optional)
  • smarties (optional)


Harry F has made a fantastic Gingerbread Lego Man ready for our Zoom Cook-along-session next week! I can't wait to see you all in your kitchens next Friday, ready to bake Gingerbread biscuits of all shapes and sizes. Remember, you can use play-doh cutters to cut out your shapes! Just make sure they have had a good wash first!

Lily-Olivia and Freya have taken the flat Mr V, Mrs Murray and Mrs Gillon on their first adventure today. A lovely walk to Beckington School, passing a beautiful brown horse on the way. Then visiting the newly decorated school hall! It looks fantastic! Thank you for our first adventure together!

Ava N has created a fantastic fact sheet based on her hero Steve Irwin! Well done for following the new 'Superhero' topic Ava! I remember Steve Irwin being a very inspiring and enthusiastic wildlife presenter and his children, who have now grown up, continue to share his passion and love for wildlife! Ava has also been experimenting with tie-dying and she has used different fabrics to see which material dye takes to the best. Fantastic idea Ava and what brilliant results!

Kenzie has been very busy over the last couple of days. He has carried out some fantastic research and made a leaflet about the superhero nurse Florence Nightingale. What a good idea Kenzie! The flat teachers have also been helping Kenzie with maths, focusing on adding fractions. Well done Kenzie!

Florence Nightingale research carried out by Kenzie.

Wow! Absolutely amazing writing Oscar linked to the water cycle! I love your word choices. For example, the raindrops fell with a bounce.

Really lovely photographs Rose! What an amazing home classroom full of creativity! Well done for learning some maths with Mr V and completing some lovely art work with Mrs Murray! I can see that you have made a Covid-19 Time Capsule which is a great idea and you are also colouring in your bingo squares as you complete each bingo activity! Well done Rose! Keep up your fantastic home learning!

Elsie and Ava have been very busy creating Owls from natural resources found in their garden! Amazing creativity girls! Such lovely photographs that we can add to a home learning board in Owl Classroom.

What a fantastic amount of reading Ava! Mummy told me that you have read all of these books during lock down. What an amazing achievement! I know you like having Mrs Murray next to you, keeping you company whilst reading! Mrs Murray will be really proud of you!

The flat teachers helped Kenzie in the garden this afternoon! Mrs Gillon helped Kenzie add some mint to his herb patch. Mrs Murray found a sunny spot for the Fuschia and Mr V was found hiding in the lavender!

Jake was very happy to receive his letter in the post this week and excited to see all his teachers in miniature. 😊 Today, Jake wanted to read with Mrs Murray as he would normally read with her in class and he wanted to show Mr V how well he is doing Doodle maths at home! Keep up the brilliant home learning Jake!

What an amazing wooden Owl Harry! You have completed your first activity on your new bingo sheet! Well done! A beautiful Owl to display in our classroom! You have also designed your own superhero and completed a forestry wordsearch! Keep up the great learning at home Harry!

Jake H has made a fantastic start to our new 'Superhero' topic! He has drawn a superhero including his weapons, logo, enemy and his pet! Jake has also built his own fort/home out of Lego and written an excellent comic strip about his Superhero. He has even turned Mr V, Mrs Murray and I into real-life Superheroes! (INVISIBLE VINCENT POWER! GIGANTIC GILLON POWER AND METEOR MURRAY POWER!) Well done Jake! I am so pleased that you have found this new topic so inspiring! Keep up your fantastic home learning!

Ava and Elsie are really enjoying spending time with their flat teachers at home. Mr V has been watching Ava complete some lovely art work. I have been helping with the laundry and Mrs Murray has been keeping Ava company whilst reading her books at home! You are both doing really well in completing lots of the bingo activities and for being little superheroes helping out with the chores. Mr V, Mrs Murray and I are very proud of the three of you!

Ava has been a real Superhero at home today! Without prompting, she made Elsie and Sid drinks when she knew they were thirsty. Tidied up all her books and helped her mummy to prepare and cook dinner. Ava even made her own salsa! What a superstar!

Elsie and Ava have had great fun designing their own superhero and Elsie has even dressed up as her own fictional Superhero 'Earth Cat!' I love this idea Elsie! I am sure there will be other children in Owl Class who would like to dress up as their own Superheroes too! Send in your photos Owl Class! We would love to see your costumes and designs.

My Little Super Hero helping to dispatch all your Snail Mails! They should be landing on your doormats very soon! I wonder what special surprise might be inside?


Dear Parents,


As we reach half-term, Mr Vincent and I want to thank you all for the amazing support and opportunities you have given to your children during the last couple of months. We know that many of you will be juggling work commitments as well as looking after your children so please be rest assured that the most important thing, during this challenging time, is that your child is happy and worry free so please do what works best for your individual child. For some, this will be following the learning ideas I have created on Owl Class Page. For other children, it may be taking their lead and letting them choose their own learning project which inspires and excites them and helps them to work independently.


Towards the end of half term, I will be uploading a new topic called 'Superheroes' which will provide you with a range of activity ideas linked to this theme. I will also add the next sequence of English lessons based on the film 'The Black Hat' as well as the next areas of learning in Maths for both Year 3 and Year 4. I will also add some links for Phonics for children to practise their phonics/spelling skills. 


Yesterday, I updated Owl Class Page with an idea for 'Snail Mail' to help the children connect to one another using the traditional way of posting a letter. I know some children have already started to write letters to their friends and have used their creative skills to make a surprise to go inside. I think it would be really lovely if the children could send some surprise Snail Mails to their friends. Please see below this letter for more information.


Mr V and I also going to take part and will send each child a 'Snail Mail' in the post. This will include a FUN idea to help your child with their learning next term. They should receive their special delivery by the end of next week! Hopefully, they will love the excitement of receiving their own post through the letterbox! 


I have also noticed that tomorrow is 'Celebrate Elmer Day at Home 2020!' If you click on the link below you can access free resources for your child to enjoy at home. 


Finally, I wish you all a happy and restful half-term. Hopefully, the sun will keep shining so we can enjoy the great outdoors!


Take care and best wishes,

Mrs Gillon and Mr V

Have you heard of Snail Mail?

Snail Mail means the traditional way of handwriting letters and posting them through a letter box rather than sending an email or text message. It has been given this name because a snail is slow to move and the method of posting a letter takes much longer than sending a quick electronic message. 


However, Snail Mail can be much more exciting to send and receive and is a lovely act of kindness. Some Snail Mails might even include a surprise! 




During this time, I think it would be lovely if we could send something special to our friends using Snail Mail. This shows your friends that even though we can't be together we are still thinking of them and want to make them smile! 


Below are some different examples of Snail Mail that you could either put in a post box or drop through your friends letter box. (Ava and Elsie, I know you have already drawn some lovely pictures and dropped them through a friend's letter box! That's such a thoughtful and caring thing to do! Well done!)


I have also attached a video which tells the story, 'Snail Mail' by Samantha Berger. 

A long, long time ago, before email and texting, the mail was delivered in a much slower way-it was called Snail Mail (because some thought it was delivered by a snail). Although it took much longer, everyone agreed that letters were a little more special when they were delivered by Snail Mail. They might be handwritten. They might include a drawing. They might even contain a surprise inside! 



Examples of Snail Mail.

Write and send a penpal letter.
Make and send a greeting card.
Make and send a picture made from natural objects.
Paint and send a picture.
Write and send a post card.

Snail Mail by Samantha Berger

Amazing Jake! Your sunflowers seem to be growing really well! I love your table of results and what a great way of practising your Maths skills by measuring each sunflower every Monday and recording their height in cm. Jake has also experimented by dying his hair purple using tissue paper! What a fun idea! Please check with your parents first, Owl Class, before trying this one!

Well done Kitty for writing your own acrostic poem titled 'Riding Lesson.' You have included some lovely vocabulary choices for example: Energetic and trotting! It sounds like you love going for riding lessons on your favourite horse called Oscar!

Well done Hannah! I am really impressed with your 2Ad sentences linked to Oi Dog! I love how you have underlined the adjectives and nouns in different colours. You have shown a very clear understanding of 1Ad and 2Ad sentences!

Olivia! I am really impressed by your amazing writing based on the story, 'The Black Hat.' Well done for following all my online lessons and using the resources provided. You have a very good understanding of the different sentence types and I love your final picture displaying everything you have learnt so far. I will upload more lessons linked to this story towards the end of half-term.

A great range of 1Ad and 2Ad sentences Olivia!
Your note-taking has helped your description!
Lovely examples of Simile and Metaphor sentences!
Great picture with examples of sentence types!
Playing Guardians of Mathmatica on BBC Bitesize!

Ella made her own salad for lunch today. She peeled, cut up and grated the vegetables. Then she put the food waste in the recycling bin and washed up! Well done Ella!

Kitty has turned a corner of her bedroom into a 'Horse Library!' What a brilliant idea! Well done for planning your own learning based on your love of horses!

What a great idea, creating your own library!
I would love to see your completed poem Kitty!

Ava V has written a fantastic poem about the adventures of 'The Little Raindrop' linked to the Water Cycle! Can you spot any rhyming words? She is also looking after her sunflower plant, watering it and making it grow as tall as she can for the sunflower competition! I also love your table of scientific observations and drawings Ava! Well done! She has also been busy baking, making a Hermione Granger in egg form and also making and testing her own boat to see if it floats. Amazing home learning Ava and it's lovely to see what you've been doing at home!

Kenzie has been looking at the Simile and Metaphor lesson on BBC Bitesize and has written an amazing poem about penguins! Click on the link below if you would like to follow the lesson and write your own simile and metaphor animal poem.



Beak bright like a ribbon.
Fir as soft and warm as a blanket.
Eyes like big blue ice bergs floating on the ocean.
Walking like silly clowns in the circus.
Sweet ballet dancers elegantly gliding through the water.

Fantastic research Ava and Elsie! Ava I love your detailed drawing of two different dragons with some clear factual information. Elsie, well done for researching different animals that live in the Indian Ocean. Lovely drawings too!

Harry and his younger brother have been busy making cakes!

Zoom Session - Friday 15th May

Dear Parents and children,


I hope you are having lots of fun at home and enjoying the sunshine! We are missing your lovely, smiley faces so I have arranged another Zoom session for this Friday at 11.00am. Mrs Murray is going to play our Beckington School Song at the beginning and for any children who have had a birthday recently, we will all sing Happy Birthday!


As I promised in the last Zoom session we are going to have a fun 'Guess the Teacher' Quiz. There are going to be 3 rounds to the quiz. 

  1. Match the teacher to their childhood photo.
  2. Mrs Gillon to read out a mischievous story that matches each teacher. This is something they did when they were younger, tried to get away with but were found out in the end! Often resulting in a lesson being learnt. Just like the famous story, 'Anansi and the Pot of Beans.' You can watch the film by clicking on the link below and see how Anansi learnt his lesson in the end.
  3. Match the teacher to an achievement they are really proud of.


Instead of calling out your answers, I would like you to make some flat versions of all the teachers involved! So your task is to make a set of 'Flat Teachers!' I have uploaded a word document underneath this message which has a picture of every teacher involved in the Quiz. Please can you cut out each teacher's face and stick onto a lollypop stick or alternatively, roll up a piece of paper or card. When answering the quiz questions, you can show your answers by holding up the correct lollypop stick or rolled up card! You can even make us larger if you like so your answers can be seen more clearly on Zoom! 


I think this is something we will all really enjoy taking part in together and have some fun!


Look forward to seeing you on Friday,

Love Mrs Gillon, Mr V and Mrs Murray. XXX


Topic: Owl Class 'Guess the Teacher' Quiz

Time:  May 15, 2020 11:00 AM London

Flat Teacher Photographs to print off and stick onto lollypop sticks, twigs or rolled up card!

Ella's amazing picture of the Hogwarts Express. I love your attention to detail and use of shading to show the light and dark areas of the viaduct. Also excellent drawing skills, in making the arches look three dimensional!

The Hogwarts Express by Ella

Harry W has been very busy with his family, cooking pasta and making dandelion honey! Owl Class, perhaps you would like to have a go at making some honey. I have attached a link below to an online recipe.

Ava V! Excellent examples of 2Ad sentences. You have used adjectives and commas in all the correct places and I love your adjective 'chequered' to describe the cat's mat.

Miss Gould has been learning to write 2Ad sentences too! Can you spot the adjectives she has used to describe her characters?


His bulbous, warty nose sprouted whiskery, ginger hairs.
Her enormous, spherical body balanced precariously on spindly, stick-thin legs which were ready to snap with the slightest touch.

Excellent use of 2Ad sentences to describe your characters Jake H! I have heard that you have been very busy at home making biscuits, going on bike rides, looking after a poorly stag beetle and writing a booklet on World War II. You have also learnt how to make your own breakfast using the toaster (with an adult supervising but not helping you!) Well done Jake! Keep up the excellent home learning!

Well done Harry F! You have written two excellent examples of 2Ad sentences to describe your favourite book character. One example to describe your character at the beginning of the story and one example to describe your character at the end of the story. Torvil was a mean, selfish elf with a grumpy, sad life. Torvil was a kind, happy elf and a thoughtful, generous shopkeeper.

New! Story writing ideas linked to short films!


Dear Parents,


To support your child with their writing at home, I am going to upload some teaching ideas linked to different short films. Each short film tells a story. The idea of using film to support writing is known as Visual Literacy. The images and sounds in a film (and in some cases a silent film) can really help to engage and enhance the quality of your child's writing by extending their range of vocabulary choices and developing empathy for characters. Children will also learn how music in a film helps to build up atmosphere and suspense. 


Within each lesson, I will give an example of how to use a certain sentence type/s that will support your child with their writing and which links with the setting/events in the story. These sentence types (Alan Peat) are very easy to use and once your child has built up a bank of them, they will have a significant impact on the quality of your child's writing. Some lessons will be more art based so children can engage with the story through the medium of art. I know we have a lot of very creative children in Owl Class!


For the first film (The Black Hat), I have attached the first five lessons which can be taught daily or over a period of time that is most suitable for you and your family. If your child needs extra time to complete a lesson then please continue the next day. Each lesson is about 45 minutes to an hour long. This learning is completely optional so please do as much or as little as you want. The mini lessons just provide a structure for those parents who would like something to follow with resources provided. I have taught all of these lessons in the past with my previous classes and the children have loved using film and art to support their writing.


Tip - Often the first few lessons involve watching the film for only a few seconds so the plot isn't given away immediately. This allows children time to think about the setting and write about it. Please follow the lesson plan as to how much of the film you should reveal to your child on the first day and subsequent days. 


I hope you enjoy following them! I would love to see your child's story writing/art work, so please send in so I can share their fantastic home learning with the rest of the class.


Love Mrs Gillon X

The film 'The Black Hat' by Maia Walczak (The Literacy Shed)

Still image for this video

Lesson 1

  • In this lesson your child is going to learn how to write 2Ad sentences so they can describe a character.
  • A 2Ad sentence has two adjectives before the first noun, followed by a further two adjectives before the second noun. This type of sentence is particularly useful as a way of creating a strong picture in the reader’s mind. It helps children to produce more descriptive writing and teaches them where to place commas in a sentence. Please look at the example I have given underneath this lesson.
  • First, print off the 2Ad poster from the online resource list below and show your child. Explain how a 2Ad sentence works.
  • Then ask your child to find a book with their favourite character in. Mr Twit would be a good example and a fun one to write, especially based on 'The Wormy Spaghetti' chapter! You can also view this chapter on You Tube.
  • Together, can you write a 2Ad sentence to describe their favourite book character? Use the 2Ad poster to help you! When you read it, does it create a picture in your mind?
  • Perhaps repeat with another book character. 


It would be great if your child could write 2 or 3 examples of a 2Ad sentence. I would love to see some examples and add them to this page!


Tip - If your child struggles with a 2Ad sentence, they could write a 1Ad sentence instead. This means one adjective before the first noun and one adjective before the second noun.

Remember an adjective is a describing word and a noun is a naming word.


Lesson 1 and the subsequent lessons and resources are attached below for you to print off and use with your child if you wish. 



Owl Class - I have created some extra resources for practising 1Ad and 2Ad sentences linked to the story, 'Oi Dog!' I have included some word banks to help you. If you don't have the story at home, you can click on the YouTube video below.

Resources for 'Oi Dog!'

Virtual Dance Competition for all Beckington Children!


All you need to do is record yourself in school uniform (with your brothers and sisters if you want too) doing the Wake and Shake dance to "Strangers." (We posted the routine on the Beckington and Mells Facebook page in March). 


Mrs Kendrick is going to put all our video clips together and enter them into a virtual dance competition! It will be uploaded to YouTube on the Somerset School Games site. Don't forget, you need to be facing the camera!


For your chance to enter, please email all video clips to the office by Friday 22nd May.

Thank you!



VE DAY - 75 Year Celebrations


Dear Owl Class,

I hope you had a fantastic time celebrating VE Day with your family. Please send in your Tea Cup Competition entries and photographs so I can share all your lovely VE Day activities and events with your friends on this page. 

Olivia and Tilly enjoyed celebrating VE day! They made bunting/flags, baked cakes and flapjack for their afternoon tea, played tin can alley and watched some of the VE day memories and celebrations on television.

VE Day Afternoon Tea. Your cakes look delicious!

Kitty celebrated VE Day by playing some wartime games, making bunting and paper aeroplanes, cracking Morse Code and enjoying a celebratory afternoon VE Day tea!

Olivia and Tilly playing Tin Can Alley.

Still image for this video

When learning about VE Day, Florence combined History and Art. She spent time researching fighter planes in particular Hurricane Bombers which her Great Grandad flew. I have attached a video below showing you a Hurricane Bomber flying today!

Hawker Hurricane Mk IIa P3351

Kenzie has been reading and learning about WWII with Daddy. They have been looking at some of the propaganda posters from the time and what people were being asked to do and why. Kenzie then designed his own poster in the same style. Well done Kenzie! What a fantastic poster! Kenzie has also written some facts about WWII. You can look at Kenzie's fantastic research by clicking and opening the word document below.

World War Two research facts by Kenzie.

Hannah, it looks like you all had a fantastic time preparing and celebrating VE Day! Lovely preparation and celebration photographs!

Making homemade bunting, flags, cakes and biscuits
Decorating the house and Afternoon Tea on VE Day!

Harry W has been busy drawing the Flags of the Allied Nations that helped us during World War Two. He has also baked a VE Day cake, made flags and enjoyed celebrating VE Day with his family.

Can you name the flags of the Allied Nations?

Fantastic Union Jack bunting Ella and Phoebe!

Decorating their window with homemade bunting!
Afternoon Tea in the garden to celebrate VE Day!

Fantastic entries for the Tea Cup Design Competition!

Lovely photograph and bunting in the background!
Great design including flags of the Allied Nations
I like your own version of the Union Jack!
Good understanding of the VE Day message Olivia!
Fantastic shading in Ava!
A really important message Rose! Well done!

                                                        VE DAY

Dear Parents and Children,


As you know, next Friday we will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day. This means 75 years since the United Kingdom celebrated the end of the Second World War in Europe.


As we are unable to hold any celebrations in school, we would still like to make this a memorable experience for our children and something we can all take part in together whilst remaining at home. For example, you might like to hold a special VE Day family picnic and decorate your garden with handmade Union Jack bunting in red, white and blue. 


Please find attached an activity page we have put together with a variety of ideas to get you into the VE Day spirit. Please don’t feel that you need to do all of the activities but it would be great if you could select a few to enjoy together. Also attached are details of our commemorative tea cup design competition and a page of 1940’s games and instructions on how to play them for some simple wartime fun.  


Please see below to view the introductory video made by Mrs Pearce-Bailey, the Year 1 and 2 teacher from Mells. She has a real passion for the 1940's era and loves going to 1940's dress up days so hopefully it will help to get everybody into the VE Day spirit. Miss Knight has also created a video to help you understand more about World War II and the importance of VE Day.


Please take photos and videos of any 1940’s fun that you have and send it into school. We would love to make a commemorative video of all of your experiences as a gift to our children to help them remember this special celebration.


Take care and keep safe,

Love Mrs Gillon and Mr V

Miss Knight's VE Day Video.

Still image for this video

ve day small.mp4

Still image for this video

Beautiful art work Olivia! You have created a lovely water colour painting in the style of Monet and what a fantastic portrait using petals for the hair and buttons! Very creative! I also know that you've been spending lots of time completing White Rose Maths and BBC Bitesize. Well done for working so hard at home! Keep it up!

The black silhouette really stands out!
I love your use of petals to form a portrait!

Ava N has completed some fantastic home learning on Castles and has constructed her own amazing Castle linking lots of STEAM skills! Ava is looking forward to making some smaller parts to go inside. We look forward to seeing your finished version Ava!

Fantastic detail Ava and I love your drawbridge!
Fun in the garden playing tennis!

Zoom Session

Dear Parents and children,


Thank you for sending in all your lovely photographs showing all your amazing home learning. It looks like you are having lots of fun at home and learning new skills. I am missing you all so I thought it would be good fun to set up a 'Show and Tell' Zoom session this Friday 1st May - 2.00pm to 2.45pm. It will be a chance to all see each other and say hello! If you have anything special that you have created at home or some news that you would like to share then it would be lovely to listen to each other and celebrate your achievements and successes. A parent mail has been sent out with the information needed to join our Zoom session. 


Topic: Owl Class Show and Tell

Time: May 1, 2020 02:00 PM London


Also, I will be sharing some exciting ideas for VE Day which I will be uploading to Owl Class page this Friday morning to help you in preparation for Friday 8th May. The activities could be completed over next week and participation is completely optional. I am still very new to Zoom so fingers crossed it will work on the day! I look forward to seeing all your lovely, smiley faces!


Take care and keep safe,

Love Mrs Gillon X

Some fantastic Home Learning linked to our new 'Keeping Happy, Keeping Healthy' topic. Well done Ava, Elsie and Sid! It looks like you've all had great fun creating a life-size model of Sid and drawing and labelling the organs in our body. I love your natural art work too! Very creative!

Great for 'Show and Tell' on Friday!
Excellent attention to detail!
Lovely to see you all learning together!
Fantastic soap bottle with instructions Ava!
Eye-catching 'Stay Safe in the Sun' poster Elsie!
Brilliant research of Animals and Food Chains Ava!
Fantastic Food Chain Elsie! Really eye-catching!
Amazing picture made from natural resources Elsie!
I love your choice of resources Ava!

Amazing explanation of the Water Cycle Harry F and lovely diagram to support your writing! Well done! What a Star Writer! For an extra challenge, you could have a go at building the water cycle out of Lego! We had planned to do this in class over the summer term. I would love to see some other Lego water cycles created from other Owlets too! Email your photos into the office! Don't forget to add the labels like you would in a diagram!

Good attempt at spelling the tricky Science words!
Example of a Lego Water Cycle Diagram.
Amazing Harry! You have completed the challenge!
Excellent measuring skills Harry!
I love how you have used the words 'humble cloud.'
Harry building a bridge on the Beckington Loop.
Excellent engineering Harry!

Excellent short story Ella in recognition of Stars Wars Day! I also love your very detailed mindfulness colouring and you have also taught me all about the layers of the Ocean! Thank you for teaching me something new today Ella!

Very accurate use of commas and speech marks!
Great title, 'May the 4th be with you!'
I wonder where this creature lives in the Ocean?
Very detailed drawings and interesting learning!
Accurate rounding Ella! Well done!

Savannah has been really busy at home and has been enjoying lots of outdoor adventures! She has some new chickens and has researched how to take care of them and then shared her new learning with her family. Great independent learning Savannah! She has enjoyed lots of cosy fires and cuddles in the evening, camped under the stars in her bell tent and planned an Easter trail around Laverton. She has also used her maths skills to help her measure out the correct ingredients for baking cakes and biscuits. Well done Savannah! Keep up your fantastic home learning!

Savannah carefully holding her new chicken!
Fresh eggs for breakfast!
Painting pebbles and hiding around village.
Reading the BFG around the campfire.
Fast asleep in her bell tent.
Making yummy Easter biscuits.

Lovely to see all your home learning Harry W! You have been very busy!

Good concentration and careful mixing!
The best bit! Scraping out the bowl!
Looks like a delicious chocolate cake Harry!
Good understanding of tenths!
Great addition of unit fractions!
Good recall of multiplication facts!
Well done for learning numbers 1 to 10 in Spanish!
Great Spider Man top and egg cup!
I love the story, 'Room on the Broom!'

Kenzie what an amazing recount of your Easter Holidays! It sounds like you had lots of fun planting vegetables, baking, painting, exploring and even learning sign language. When you are older, you will look back at this time in History with very happy memories.


Easter 2020 was not a normal school holidays. I wasn’t at school when the holidays started and I didn’t go back to school when they finished. The schools are closed and we have to stay at home in lock down because of Covid 19. I spent the Easter holidays in Wales staying with Jamie. Jamie is Dad’s partner and he has two children called Seren and Osian. They are my friends and they came to stay with their Dad for a week in the holidays.


Every week we go back and forth to pick Seren and Osian up at Cross Hands. Me, Seren and Osian all have funny laughs together. We watch films and sometimes play Monopoly. I went for walks. We were going up to the forest for a daily walk. we could hear birds. we would go up to the pond and I would snap wood. I like the woods because you can do so much. I like it is so close.


I chatted to my neighbours outside in the garden. We made coil pots out of clay, planted different vegetables together and I watched my neighbour do felt. Every Thursday we do sign language singing together. We do this for Kiki because she is deaf and can’t speak. 


I did lots of baking during the holidays. I made some cookies and they were delicious. Seren made good smoothies. I also made a nice banana bread. We go and get food from cross Hands every week. Apart from when we go to the forest we don’t go out anywhere else, this is the only time we go out in the car each week.


Normally in the holidays we go out to do fun stuff at national trust places, museums and old castles. Sometimes we go camping with our friends. During the Easter holidays my Hamster sadly died and so I buried her. Her name was  Pepper Pickle Penny Pepsi Parker. Dad and I took her to Longwood Forest to bury her. We buried her in the same place that Jamie’s cat Gracie is buried as well, we call that part of the wood pet cemetery now.  


I planted seeds in the garden. I planted marigolds, spinach, radish, spring onions, onions, cauliflower, autumn carrots,basil, strawberries and wildflowers.


I painted four pictures on canvases. I painted a picture of a flower and the seaside. Dad and I completed the first part of a puzzle together. It is a Marvel puzzle of New York City. the puzzle will have 3 layers when it is finished and altogether there are 818 pieces. It is the biggest puzzle we have ever done, I would like to do a 1000 piece puzzle next. 


This was not a normal Easter holidays. We would normally spend lots of time going out and visiting different places but instead we had to stay at home, find different things to do and entertain ourselves. Even though we couldn’t go out we had fun. I hope the next holidays are more normal and I get to go out and see people. 





Launch of the Oak National Academy online classroom and resource hub.


Today the Government has launched the new 'Oak National Academy' which is an online classroom and resource hub. The Academy offers 180 video lessons each week for schools to use, across a broad range of subjects. The lessons cover children in Reception through to Year 10 and are free to use by both teachers and young people.


I have used the first reception Maths lesson today with my daughter Emma and it's amazing! I am not an Early Years Specialist so I am learning too! The teacher introduced herself on the video and she made the lesson very child-friendly and interactive with lots of movement! Time is given to find any simple resources needed and at the end of the lesson the teacher explains resources required for the following day. Emma loved it and surprisingly she was calling out and repeating what the teacher was saying and at one point said, 'Mrs Teacher, we've done that already!"


It is definitely worth looking at and it might be that you alternate between White Rose and the Maths lessons available on Oak Academy (once your child has completed a specific area e.g fractions) or your child might prefer one over the other so perhaps take their lead as to their preferred one. There are also other subject areas like Art and Science that your child might like to dip into and spend time exploring and discovering new exciting things. 


The Oak National Academy can be accessed here:


Let us know how you find this new resource.

Love Mrs Gillon and Mr V 


Launch of BBC Bitesize


The BBC has today launched an education package across TV and online, featuring celebrities and teachers, helping to keep children learning at home and supporting parents.


BBC Bitesize can be accessed here:

                                               New Home Learning


Dear Parents and Children,


I hope you have all enjoyed some quality time with your families over Easter and eaten lots of chocolate! Emma loved her Easter Egg hunt around our back garden! Thank you for sending in pictures of your home learning over the past few weeks. Mr V and I love seeing what you're up to at home.


Please find attached a new set of home learning activities for you to complete at home if you wish. These activities/mini lesson ideas are only suggestions so please to do as little or as much as you feel you can do with your child during these challenging times. I have attached ideas for topic and daily Maths lessons that are easy to follow. I will also be uploading mini lesson ideas for English linked to short films to inspire children's writing. Again, there is absolutely no pressure to complete any of these activities. They are here for you to dip into as and when the time is right.


At the start of the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms, we always launch into a new topic that encompasses all areas of the curriculum. Last term, our overall topic was, 'Whizz! Pop! Bang! Due to the current situation, we have put together a new topic that we are calling ‘Keeping Happy, Keeping Healthy’. We felt that this is a relevant subject at the moment and one that you can easily explore at home, possibly with the rest of the family too! The topic map below splits the activities into categories, for example: The body, Food, Wellbeing etc. What follows are suggested activities. Please do not feel that you need to work through all of these but pick and choose the ones your child is interested in doing. You can also think of some of your own if you wish too.  


A lovely teacher from Mells has created a really funny video for her class to launch our new topic. I thought you would like to see it too because it really made me laugh!


Can you work out the teacher in disguise?





Keeping Happy, Keeping Healthy Video.mp4

Still image for this video

                            MATHS - Excellent daily lessons provided by White Rose Maths.


This terms Maths home learning is a great online resource from White Rose Maths. This is the maths scheme that we follow in school. Please use the link below to take you to the correct page for your child’s year group.  Please start with week 1 lessons, followed by week 2 lessons before moving onto Summer week 1.


The lessons are split into separate weeks, with 5 lessons in each week. (One for each day of the normal school week). The lessons comprise of an explanation video and a worksheet (this will need to be downloaded and printed) and an answer booklet for parents so that you can mark work and also see the answer to each question. Some of the lessons will contain a ‘flash back 4’ activity. This is a list of 4 questions that relate to the children’s previous learning and needs to be completed at the start of the lessons where they appear. But don’t worry if your child struggles to answer them all as they are quite tricky! The video is designed so that the children watch a part before completing the relevant question on the worksheet, so that they complete each question at a time.


The lessons have been designed to follow on from each other so please complete them in the order provided on the website. The lessons should take no more than 1 hour, which is the usual length of your child’s maths lesson.

If your child struggles with a particular lesson then please feel free to repeat this with them the following day.


Also, the last couple of questions tend to me more challenging, problem solving type of questions. There is no need for your child to complete all the questions on the sheet unless they would like the extra challenge of questions 9 and 10. If your child is struggling then please let us know and we will put together some additional activities to work through. 


The starting topics for each year group are listed below:


Year 3: Fractions – tenths, Fractions as a set of objects, Equivalent Fractions, Fraction Problem Solving.

Year 4: Fractions – tenths and hundredths, Division, Decimals, Halves and Quarters, Money.

Please remember also to continue make use of all the other internet based learning opportunities we have made available for your children including Doodle Maths, Doodle English and Doodle Spelling. As well as Nessy to help with phonics and TT Rockstars to help your child practise their times tables, which is also now offering free subscription to all parents during this time. Also try to complete some reading everyday and this is a particularly lovely time to not only listen to your child read but also to read to them!


During this time at home with your children our main concern is that they are healthy and happy. So if you have any worries or concerns do not hesitate to contact Mr Vincent or myself via the school email address as we are always available for help and support.


Love Mrs Gillon X

Oscar busy enjoying the sunny weather and having lots of indoor and outdoor fun! Well done Oscar! Lovely to see your photographs!

Water fight time!
Busy making a fantastic bird box!
Camping in the garden! What amazing fun!
Following a recipe and mixing ingredients!
Future engineer! Building a railway track!

A great vegetable patch Jake H and Toby! We look forward to seeing how high your sunflowers grow. An exciting first entry for our sunflower competition!

Also carrots, beetroot, pumpkin and squash plants!

Well done Ella and Phoebe! Fantastic Home Learning! Ella can you use an online dictionary to write some definitions for condensation, evaporation and precipitation?

Excellent research about the Water Cycle Ella!
Great number formation Phoebe!

Introducing 'The Dimble Dobble!' Part unicorn, part owl and part bat! Fantastic imagination Ava M! Very creative!

Thank you Ava for sending in your finished version of your story, 'The Little Snowflake.' I have really enjoyed reading it and you have included some great description. I also love your Snow Leopard picture!

Lovely rhetorical question at the end Ava!
Good explanation linking adaptation to habitat!

Lovely photo Ava! Amazing focus and concentration! Mr V and I would love to read your finished piece of writing!

Excellent Home Learning Olivia! I love your Water Cycle story about a little raindrop named Zoe-Snowy!

Great use of fronted adverbials and description!
Excellent use of rhyme and rhythm Olivia!
Good use of conjunctions to extend sentences.
Wow! Amazing written methods for x and -.
Lovely photo Olivia and I like your Easter basket.
More amazing Maths Olivia! Well done!

Fantastic Geography learning at home Lily-Olivia! Now you can name and locate the Seven Continents of the World!

Can you name the Seven Continents of the World?

Happy Easter Holidays Owlets!

Dear Parents and Children,


As we approach the Easter Weekend, Mr V and I would like to wish you all a very special time together. In these tricky times, I think it is important to reflect on the positives and that we are all lucky to have loving families and friends, who we may not be able to meet with at the moment, but we are able to keep in touch with using various forms of technology. I have even learned how to use Zoom to keep in touch with my family and friends. 


It is also a time when we can really appreciate the natural beauty around us which has been made all the more amazing by the wonderful sunny weather we have experienced over the past few weeks. I have spent a lot of time in the garden with my little girl where we have been baking sand pies, chalking letter sounds on the drive and using lots of art and craft activities to support her number recognition.


We spent one afternoon painting rainbows on the kitchen table and Emma was very excited at the thought of decorating the front of our house with rainbows and hearts so we could put a smile on the faces of people as they walk past. The local children also enjoy spotting rainbows on their daily walks around our estate. Have you seen any rainbows in your local area? 


If you would like to do some Easter related Arts and Crafts, then Mr V and I would love to see them. I am going to post different ideas and links onto this page so keep an eye out Owlets!


Also, Miss Gould has been extremely busy in her garden creating an amazing bug hotel. Please scroll down for more information. There is even going to be a competition for those children who would like to enter.  


Towards the end of the holidays and to support your learning at home, we will upload some different learning challenges to this page linking to topic, maths and English . These activities/mini lesson ideas are only suggestions so it is really important to choose the learning that you feel most inspired to do.


As Benjamin Franklin once famously quoted, "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn."


We understand that this time is extremely challenging for everyone, and therefore please to do as little or as much as you feel you can do. 


Below are some photographs of some of the fun things I have been getting up to with my family over the last couple of weeks. We would love to see what adventures you've been up to at home, so please feel free to email any pictures to I will upload a selection of these pictures to this page, so you can also see what fun all your friends are having! These connections are really important at a time like this and the more we connect with our family and friends the more we will enjoy our time at home!


In the meantime, please stay safe and enjoy this quality time with your family.

Happy Easter and I hope the Easter Bunny visits you all! 


Love Mrs Gillon X




Making and decorating sand pies!
Filling up with water.
Chalking initial letter sounds on the drive.
Printing the correct number of stamps.
Making caterpillars from 1 to 10.
Fingerprinting correct number of leaves onto stems
Playing 'Tap a Shape' with Daddy.
Making the base of my racing car out of veg box.
Painting rainbows on the kitchen table.
'Say cheese!'
Decorating the front of our house with rainbows!
Banging my saucepan and making a noise.

Miss Gould has also been very busy in her garden and she has made an AMAZING BUG HOTEL! Can you spot the real bugs from the silly bugs?

Have you noticed that it's a 3* hotel?

Exciting News! Miss Gould has now added an annexe, hotel reception and hot tub to her bug hotel! I wish I could stay there!

Do you feel inspired to make your own Bug Hotel?


Miss Gould used old ivy branches, flat pebbles, acrylic gloss paints, a permanent black marker for the details and gold paint to reflect light from the sun. Think back to our Science lesson on reflection and how light is reflected from different light sources! The sun is a very important source of light!


Alternatively, you could design your own 'Buglins Holiday Village.'

Miss Gould has come up with some fantastic ideas to start you off...

You could design a brochure to include a site plan with the following areas:

  • a baby bug play area.
  • bugminton Courts.
  • bug bowling.
  • bug Burger Company
  • bugster's Swimming Pool
  • bug hotel
  • bugmobile Safari's
  • baby hire buggies


You could also design your own weekly activity program to include:

  • bug Olympics
  • bugminton Competiton
  • bugrobics


Don't forget to design a logo and slogan for 'Buglins Holiday Village.'

You could also design a menu and perhaps research the diet of different bugs. 


Once we have received your entries over the coming weeks we will then judge them and name a competition winner! We will be looking for some 'Bugtastic Home Learning!' for those children who feel inspired and would like to take part.



Florence, thank you so much for sending in some lovely examples of Home Learning. Well done!

I can imagine the raindrop lying on a beach!
Fantastic colouring Florence!
Your friends will love looking at this!
Well done! Some challenging spellings!
You have extended your ideas using conjunctions.
Your estimates became closer! Well done!
I love the idea of a Doodle a Day!

Stories from the sky


Have you seen the Stories read by astronauts up in space.

Why not have a look at the link below

Harry W has been busy. Here's a sample ....

Ava M has written a SUPER acrostic poem

Elsie has drawn this brilliant Owl

Jake has done some 'Raindrop' writing

Percy Parker can be found on YouTube- practise your times table

Remember to keep a routine while you are off school. 

Try to start in the morning - not too late!

Start with some Doddle maths / tables (at least 15 mins).

You could also do some  practising on Percy Parker.

Now do some writing. (Don't forget to keep your handwriting tidy). Plan it first and remember to check your spelling.

You might still have your 'Little Raindrop' story to complete.

HAVE A BREAK (15 mins)

Next try some reading for 10-15 mins. You could draw a picture of what happened and label it.

Finally, choose one more task to do from your folder or from this class page.


That's it!

If you want to do a bit more (choose a second task) that's ok but don't do too much.


Don't forget to look at the Kidzone on the website for more ideas of what you might do.




Time to do some writing

Try this puzzle


CHECK out the Kid zone under the Children menu for lots of fantastic links to fun learning.


Something else you might do while you are at home …..


Watch some poetry! Don't forget you can watch some of Owl Class all-time favourite Michael Rosen poetry (read by the man himself) on line. A simple search should help you find some of the best (Chocolate cake). Why not set yourself a challenge to learn one of the poems to perform to your family or friends - How about 'NO BREATHING!'. This one has repetition and actions and is a LOT of FUN! 


For a different poetry challenge why not write an acrostic poem? Choose a theme - your own name or an animal are good choices but almost anything will do.


To create an acrostic, follow these five easy steps:
  1. Decide what to write about.
  2. Write your word down vertically.
  3. Brainstorm words or phrases that describe your idea.
  4. Place your brainstormed words or phrases on the lines that begin with the same letters.
  5. Fill in the rest of the lines to create a poem.



Take a look at the one about cats below.....

Take a look at this super story by Ella about the 'Little Raindrop'. 

When you've read it, maybe you could write your own.


Ella has written a story....

And here's one from Kenzie


Class teacher: Mr Vincent (M-Th); Mrs Gillon (F)

Teaching support: Mrs Murray


Owl Class are the Key Stage 2 children at Beckington encompassing years 3 and 4. As the oldest children in the school we look to give them more responsibility and to develop their independence in preparation for their passage to their middle schools.


A day with Pete the Poet

The day focussed on;

Aspects of North American Indian culture linked to other tribal cultures

Aspects of Remembrance


The children demonstrated their knowledge of prior learning:

“The new arrivals in America thought they had landed in India which is why they called the native people Indians.” Year 4 girl.

We looked at images of the totem pole given as a gift by a North American tribe to the people of Windsor. Links were made to Neolithic, Pagan, Aboriginal and the Amazon Rainforest Yanomami tribes which led to a respect for dream-time stories which we revisited during the afternoon session.

We also looked at Native American Indian spiritual thoughts which lead to the class poem (see below) and the children’s own impressive versions. We discussed the editing skills required to create a powerful performance poem.


We also thought about the British Legion remembrance events and a two minute silence was observed at 11.00 am. We extended the children’s thinking about the concept by introducing them to the white poppy idea which recognises all victims of war, including civilians, not just British soldiers. This work was further extended by inviting the children to think about their own values. What special day would they like to organise? The following was offered by the children:

no plastic in the ocean / fitness for all / respect for animal rights /  bring toys to school.


We talked about Greta Thunberg as a strong role model for all young people and especially girls. We looked at a clip of her recent “How dare you!” speech to the United Nations.


The afternoon featured dreamlike inter-active stories from around the world which gave the children drama based Talk 4 Writing opportunities. All of the children worked well with glove puppets and costumes and evidence of their learning was shown in a sharing end of day assembly.


Class spiritual thoughts for a better world.

May the sun lift our sadness

May the moon bring us health

May the rain sprinkle us with happiness

May the breeze blow away our fears

May the stars sparkle us to sleep

May the river wash us with new energy

May the mountain look down on us with wisdom

May the paw of the lion cub offer forgiveness

May the baby’s smile touch us with joy

May our vibrant energy bind us

May our great friendship build a better world

May every flower in us bloom for ever.