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Mells History Exhibition

Mells History Exhibition


Wenlock Class enjoyed showing many visitors around their wonderful school history exhibition on Friday 8th of July. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who can to view and celebrate the children’s great achievements. 

This special occasion marked the culmination of a lot of research and hard work by the children over many weeks during their local history topic about our very old and historic school. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed becoming building detectives and learning about many special features of our school building and researching how much of it has changed. 

They were also lucky enough to interview two previous pupils who are relatives of one of the children in Wenlock class. They represent four generations of the same family who have been educated at Mells a First School. So thank you to Jan and Raj for your giving up  your time. The children very much enjoyed the experience of being interviewers! 

Special thanks to Mrs Corke our Senco who gave up a lot of her own time to help the children complete detailed research in their lessons as well as helping to run some after school history exhibition preparation sessions. She was also responsible for helping to prepare and organise the exhibition presentation and exhibits as well. 

Thank you also to Sam her son, an archeologist who came to speak to the children about his work on historical buildings and for helping to create the building detectives activity which the children so enjoyed participating in. Sam you have inspired many of the children to begin to dig up their parents gardens! 

Congratulations to all the children!  I am so very proud of all your hard work which you presented so beautifully for your exhibition and feel that you enjoyed your learning, which was made so real and relevant through your amazing exhibition. Well done everybody!