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Blackbird class

Welcome to Blackbird Class!

Happy New Year!


We are a year 1 and year 2 class who are taught by Mrs Mee and supported by Mrs Vranch and our Bath Spa students Mr McDine, Miss Folds and Miss Baker.


           Down On The Farm

This term our topic will be farming. We will be growing, cooking, eating and exploring animals (including humans!)

We will be visiting a farm for some hands-on experience.


Please see our topic balloon below to see how our topic will be covered accross the curriculum.

     London and The Great Fire of London

Our topic this term is learning about the events of the Great Fire of London, London and the UK. 

Blackbird singing performance

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This week Mr McDine taught a signing lesson for Blackbird class, and they were so fantastic, the class performed the song "Blackbird" by the Beatles, that very afternoon to a whole school assembly. Beautiful voices, confidently performed and a very proud Mr McDine.

Great Fire of London Raps

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Blackbirds worked in groups with Mr McDine to write, rehearse and record raps about the Great Fire of London!

STEAM week.The Fire of London burns!

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During STEAM week we created Tudor houses out of paper. In showing how quickly the fire would have spread across London, Blackbirds safely observed the Great Fire of Beckington playground!

The Great Fire of London

We created 3D paper and wooden Tudor houses.We used our topaz learning gem powers to work in groups measuring and sawing the wood to make the buildings we had designed.

We read and followed instructions for a Bee-bot to around a floor map avoiding hazards and then made up our own instructions.We even did some debugging!

On pancake day we had races!It was fun flipping them.

We had a bridge building challenge and a tower building challenge.We found out that we had to solve lots of problems because as the towers got taller they often toppled over!


We had another busy week with a visit from the illustrator Jemma Herman.

We created our own books, looked at different stories by Oliver Jeffers, "Hot Seated" ourselves when we were dressed up as characters from a book, came back to school for bedtime stories and had a whole school book quiz.

We also did lots of PSHE as we had a visit from Harold from the Life Education Centre and went on the "I Can,I Am" bus.

Measuring and Music Making

Pirate Day!

We had lots of pirate day fun doing dancing, drama, painting and making healthy pirate fruit kebabs which ended in a pirate  feast of maggoty ships biscuits and "grog"!

Practical maths

Football skills

Our Christmas Play

Autumn 2021

   Marvellous  Maps        

Welcome to Blackbird Class

FOBS Fun Day

Sports Day

Bee Talk

Pupil Takeover Day

Park and Icecream

Maths measuring

Pirate Day




We have all improved our throwing and catching skills and have also had fun learning new games to make our cricket skills better.

Court Farm Trip


We had great fun on our whole school trip to Court Farm ! We learnt lots of things about the animals and life on a farm. It was great to see the animals close up. We loved our farm tour.

The farm staff commented about how well behaved we all were compared to other schools. (What a credit to the school.) Fabulous!

We all LOVED the different adventure playgrounds and had fun playing with our friends.

We had excellent weather too. It was fun having a picnic in the shade and chatting together.

What a great day!

We had fun making our Father's day cards.

Mud Day 2021

Blackbird class had lots of fun in the mud! Look in the "gallery" to see all of the photographs.

We made lots of mud potions using "found objects" from nature. Here is a list of some of our potions:

transformation potion, wishing potion, back and forwards in time potion, plant potion, turn you into a millionaire potion, fun potion, teleportation potion, invisibility potion, turn you into a dog potion, talk to animals potion, lucky potion, breathing under water potion, super power potion, poisoning potion, dragon potion, unicorn potion, flower potion, goblin potion, sticking power potion and a goblin spider potion!


We painted pictures with sticks and different mud mixtures.

We also did abstract "splatter" pictures.

Lots of people loved playing on the mud slide mud pools.


Scooter Week

The children asked lots of questions and had lots of fun investigating forces during scooter week. We had to work like scientist and all have a much better understanding of what a fair test is now. We used our measuring skills to record in metres and centimetres. 

Some of the things we wanted to find out were:

How far can your scooter go using one medium push?

Do big wheeled scooters go further than small wheeled scooters?

Are three wheeled scooters faster than two wheeled scooters?

How far can you go uphill with one push?

How slow can you go with one push?

How many pushes will it take to go down Sue's walk? Why was the result different on the way back?

Which surface will slow a scooter down more ?(friction) Grass? Cobbles? Carpet? Tarmac ?  Or shiny wooden floor?

Blackbird Films

Ava, Oliver, Matilda

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My Movie 11-540p30.MOV

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We have been really lucky to have the actor Matt McCooey in school this week helping us to act out and then film play scripts we wrote ourselves. We used our topaz learning gem powers to work in a group sharing ideas.

The Big Pedal 2021

New printing techniques for Christmas

We used a polystyrene block print to print the Winter fireplaces on our Christmas cards and then sponge printed patterns our own wrapping paper.

Role play fun

Design technology

We all learnt how to sew. We made gingerbread boys, girls and houses.


We loved using jewels to design present boxes.

Diwali pinch pots and gingerbread tree decorations.
Christmas Party Fun!

We designed and made our own superhero vehicles using many of our own super gem learning powers- solving problems and working together

We read out our own questions when we "hot seated" a lockdown superhero (policeman).

Thank you for supporting your children with their home learning this week. I hope you enjoy their performance of the poem they learnt in class and look forward to hearing one of their own choice of poems soon.

They all have new spellings, reading and Doodlemaths home learning too.

Have fun!


How to set up Doodle on your home devices.

Art Week 2 



We have continued to underpin our learning this  week with the 5 pillars of well being: connect, give, keep learning, be active and notice.

We have discussed different emotions and looked at many pieces of famous art to guess the emotions.

We finished our individual paintings of Pablo Picasso's "Weeping Woman" and next week will show you a giant group painting we are doing.

We have responded to Edward Munch's "The Scream" and discussed what makes a good friend.

We usually invite parents inside to see our art gallery during art weeks. As this is not possible I have uploaded many of the pieces of art for you to see what clever artists you all have.


We have had lots of fun in our discovery tent.There was great excitement this week when the children discovered that the magnetics set stuck to the playground poles and they made a tree!


Work in response to Edward Munch's "The Scream".

Discovery time



Our lessons in art week have focussed around the 5 pillars of well being: connect, keep learning, be active, notice and give. We made origami hearts with a secret message inside and gave them to our class friends. 

We have talked about different feelings and how we felt during "lockdown".

We made a memory mobile.

We have had lots of fun designing a "Safe space sculpture" treehouse in small groups.

We are doing a study of Picasso's abstract painting "Weeping woman". We discussed what we could see in the picture, talked about how she was feeling and why she might be feeling like that. Then made our own pencil drawings.



We have discussed what we want our class to be like and made new  class rules.

This week the home learning is just to read (with an adult) and then sign these rules in the yellow home learning scrap book taken home on Friday.

Maths skills of sorting, reasoning and counting are being practised.

We had fun being active with our football coach.

Our football skills are improving!

Welcome to Blackbird Class!

We are a year 1 and year 2 class who are taught by Mrs Mee and supported by Mrs Vranch.


We hope that you have all had a restful summer holiday and are as thrilled as we are about seeing everyone again.


The adults in school have been very busy preparing the learning spaces and planning exciting activities and learning experiences for you to enjoy. 


We will be updating our class page with information about our current learning and with photos of the fun things we have been up to!


We can't wait to see you.


Please share this social story with your child.