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Our new topic is SUPERHEROES! 

Throughout the Autumn term we will be learning all about superheroes. Please use the link below to access our topic balloon and find out what we will be learning about. 

Earth Art  

Our art topic this term is 'Earth Art'. We have been exploring the work of different artists and sculptors who create artwork using only natural materials. Using their work as an inspiration we created our own woodland creatures from natural materials that we found around our school grounds. 

Year 2- Partitioning Numbers

Discovery Time

The Scream

By Edvard Munch


We looked at Edvard Munch's The Scream and had a go at creating some of our own using pastels and photography. We thought about what might be happening in the picture and talked about the emotion fear.

The Colour Monster

                                                                                             By Anna Llenas

During arts week we have been using the book The Colour Monster to help us think about our emotions. We have shared our own experiences and talked about how we might feel in different situations. We have explored different strategies for dealing with our emotions when they feel too big and we have shared what brings us joy!

Welly Walk 


During our Art fornight we went on a welly walk to the local woods. We hunted for natural treasure to make into journey sticks and listened to the sounds that we could hear around us. We used the sounds we heard to he help create a nuture symphony using instruments when we returned to school. 


We are looking forward to welcoming you back to school soon.

The adults in school have been very busy preparing the learning space and we have made a short video to introduce ourselves and show you around the classroom.

Please use this link to access it:


We are looking forward to seeing you in September.

Mrs PB and Mr Reynolds

Please use this link to access a social story about returning to school