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Star of the Week / Achievement Awards

Our stars of the Week are:


Ragstone - Jacob - Astounding maths work

Basalt - Felix - For his hard work in all his lessons, and a can do attitude all week!

Wenlock - Morris – For helping others and amazing singing in rehearsals

Congratulations to our children:  


Head Teachers Awards - Week commencing 23rd November

Wynter-Rose, Mia, Evie, Sebastian, Seth, Jacob, Lena, Mia, Olive, Daisy, Ivy, Alfie


Head Teachers Awards - Week commencing 16th November

Beau, Alfie, Hunter, Edwin, Pippa, Arthur


Head Teachers Awards - Week commencing 9th November 

Reggie, Tallualh, Teddy, Sophie, Myla, Maisie, Magnus, Jago, Gracie, Erin, Miles, Robyn, Imogen, Max, Ella, Morris, Jago, Bella, Bea, Rosie, Harriet


Head Teachers Awards - Week commencing 2nd November

Morgan, Oscar R, Oscar P, Beatrice, Ella,Amelie, Sybil, Alfie L, Abbie


Head Teachers Awards  -  week commencing 12th October 2020

Noah, Morgan, Alfie L, Lauren, Oscar P, Oscar R, Abbie, Robyn, Mile, Freddie, Willow, Sylvie, Arthur


Head Teachers Awards - Week commencing 2nd October 2020

Felix, Edison, Hunter, Harriet, Ella, Olive, Seth, Daisy, Wynter-Rose, Darcey, Jessica, Jacob, Sebastian, Harry, Mia, Ivy, Harvey,Evie, Lena, Phoebe, Beau.


Head Teachers Awards - Week commencing 13th January 2020

Esme, Bea


Head Teachers Awards - Week commencing 12/12/19


Ella, Isobel, Bea, Cecily, Gracie, Mila, Sylvie, Morgan, Esme, Maisie, Abbie


Head Teachers Awards - Week commencing 25th November


Imogen, Robyn, Erin, Luca, Jago C, Felix, Alfie AW, Isabeau, Chloe, Freddie, Lily A, Wyn, Jack


Head Teachers Awards - Week commencing  18th November

Willow, Myla, Max, Luca, Noah K


Head Teachers Awards - Week commencing 21st October

 Alfie AW, Beau, Alfie L, Archie W